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  1. No TO is definitely sweet as a Harden owner lol!!! I see that almost everyone has Vuc on this list but I feel I need to look past this season and harden Lillard and butler are getting up there in age...feel JJJ should be in here as well...and Mitchell...but that’s 7-8 if Vuc is on the list...I’m really struggling!!! And Porzingis hasn’t even been mentioned? AAAAGGHHHHH!!!
  2. I still think I’d rather have Collins...
  3. Who are your other bigs? I’m hesitant to do this, I like Collins though...
  4. If jump at Luka over Kawhi in a points Thx!
  5. If he’ll take it I’d do it...not high on CP3 and RoCo is nice for please? Thx!
  6. I’d personally rather have JJJ but understand your concerns for sure...if you are too “rich” in stocks (which I’d be surprised to hear that’s a thing lol) you can trade a stock guy for assists later if you really want but I like the upside of please?
  7. H2H 10 teams, standard no TO, instead DD..I’m down to 7 guys have to keep only 6...most my other guys will be first rounders on other teams which sucks but there you go... PG-Lillard SG-Harden G-Jimmy Buckets G-D. Mitchell SF-G. Harris PF-J. Collins F-Porzingis F-Vucevic C-JJJ C-WCJ U-Jokic U-Valanciunas Help Me narrow to 6...thanks!
  8. I feel like Andrews is a sneaky play this week, he’s ranked 2 after Kelce from what I heard on SiriusXM...I’d go with him over Ertz...keep in Kerryon...thx for the help!
  9. I’d rather play Mixon but there is a possible shootout vs KC. Although with Houston needing to throw more-my guess-that would open up Duke more...
  10. Agreed, Brown. You know Gurley isn’t playing so Brown will have tons of action today...DJ is likely last I heard, easier decision. Help with mine? Thanks!
  11. Hello all,with Tyreek returning I’m thinking I should start him in a potential shootout...have to decide 2 of the following 3... Tyreek, KC vs Hou. Golladay, Det. at GB Lindsay, Den. Vs. Ten. Thanks all and leave a link.
  12. Man, tough!!! Many options with 8 teamer...probably Dak but I like rivers too. RB I’m thinking brown but close with sanders...wr I’m feeling cooks...3 flex spots I guess Kupp, Sutton, Gallup. AJ Brown is close too though... Hockenson is legit but I wouldn’t start him over Kittle...thx for the help.
  13. Armstead definitely!!! Good luck getting Golladay! Help? Thanks!
  14. Is there anyone else you could drop instead? I’ve heard good things about Samuel prior to week 1, but Gallup is also a nice option...I’d probably stay Samuel but it’s close...any other drop? Could you help with mine? Thanks!
  15. Fuller, Houston vs. Jax Sutton, Den. Vs. Chi Hardman, KC at Oak. Thinking of Hardman because of Tyreek injury...not sure, need to start 2 of 3. Standard PPR except 1 point per 5 receiving yards. Leave a link...
  16. If both guys fall through I’m
  17. Too much on the rookie early in imo...I think jones is the play...guy is due against Da Bears!!! Good luck!