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  1. Andrew Luck 2018 Outlook

  2. Jalen Richard 2018 Outlook

    What are y'all talking about? Wasn't it Martin that got injured? Richard looked healthy to me.
  3. Greg Zuerlein 2018 Outlook

    This is all it is. He's a new father. Being there more important than practice but he won't miss a game, no way that happens. They don't have another kicker on the roster. Greg is playing.
  4. Rob Gronkowski 2018 Outlook

    I guess it's a good thing that there are only two tight ends in the history of football who have scored more TDs than Gronk, isn't it? Besides, basically every TE relies on TDs with the exception again of just a few, and Gronk historically has been part of that select few until this year. And even in this down year for him he has still hit 7+ targets for 50+ yards in 4 of 7 games played. He really hasn't killed you in PPR leagues any more than literally any other TE you would have started over him (again unless you have top 3 option). The red zone targets should come. Gronk is one of the best red zone weapons in NFL history--even a mummified version of Antonio Gates can trot out there and grab two TDs. Don't tell me Gronk can't score anymore at age 29. I get he's been below expectations this year but a lot more reason for optimism than many of you are suggesting.
  5. Rob Gronkowski 2018 Outlook

    Everyone in this thread right now is very likely setting themselves up to eat crow in a couple weeks time. We are talking about an all time great at the position who is only 29 years old, playing with arguably the greatest QB of all time and the greatest coach of all time. You're dealing with a guy you likely drafted at a premium with the rightful expectation that he'd be at worst a top 3 TE given everything he has shown us in his incredibly successful career. Before you go shipping him off for marginal guys like MVS or (shudder) Lat Murray, let's pump the brakes a bit here. Injuries have certainly mounted for Gronk and he hasn't looked like himself this year, that is true. Now with him at a bye week, it's clear owners are at a crossroads with Gronk. For me I like to look at the situation objectively and do my best given what I know to assign probabilities to potential outcomes. Is it possible we've seen the last of Gronk's dominance and he is now just another TE? Certainly it's possible. Is that more likely than him taking time to rest from injuries and coming back to resume his role as an extremely important weapon for the Patriots? I don't know. I do know it's not an overwhelming probability one way or the other. Certainly not enough to feel definite about anything. What I do feel definite about is that at his best or even close to it Gronk will win you fantasy leagues. There are very few players with that potential and their names certainly aren't Marques or Latavius. His ceiling--in a barren wasteland for TEs this year no less--gives you a huge advantage, however likely you think it may be that he reaches that ceiling again. His floor is that of any other TE not named Ertz, Kelce, or Kittle. You aren't getting that advantage with any guy you are trading him for, period. You'd have to believe with absolute certainty that his best days are behind him to even consider trading him for top 20-30 options like the ones discussed in this thread, and to do that you'd have to be willing to take a gamble that really makes no sense to take. Hang steady Gronk owners.
  6. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    And the QB people are complaining about is arguably the greatest of all time. Unreal. Gordon has thrived with much less help at QB. He will be fine and the Pats will be fine. Flash is coming off 12 targets and with 19 yards more would have had 100 yds three out of the past four games. What the hell is there to wring your hands about? You guys are tripping in here.
  7. Evan Engram 2018 Outlook

    I don't know if his situation is necessarily better as all are arguably tertiary options at best in their offense, or if they are the secondary option it's because their offense is just that bad. What separates EE from that group is simply his athletic profile. He should be a mismatch on every single route he runs. Hasn't exactly played out like that but he has very few athletically gifted equals at his position. That gives him a bit of upside compared to your average waiver wire TE JAG. I'd much rather have EE than those guys, but would hope I have a better option than any of them. I'm rolling with EE on the bench in leagues where I don't have a premier starter (Graham tier) and EE is best lotto ticket at the position available to me.
  8. Nick Chubb 2018 Outlook

    In STD leagues Chubb has to be considered at the low-end RB1 level in the top 10-15 at his position. I'd say similarly for PPR but closer to the 12-18 range. I still think there's a chance we see more explosive plays from Chubb though and he has nowhere to go but up with his passing game usage so his upside is pretty high all things considered. RBs are at a premium in my league so I would probably need a Kenan Allen type before considering moving Chubb, but that all depends on your team and your trade partner. Bottom line, Chubb is a low-end RB1/high-end RB2 in virtually all leagues, has a pretty good schedule coming up, and has mouthwatering upside due to his big play potential and workload. A lot to like.
  9. Sony Michel 2018 Outlook

    He won't be back until wk 13 and even then, who cares? Michel can run laps around a journeyman JAG like Burkhead. His usage was all pre-Sony and we already know White has played too well to lose his role. The idea that they will sit Michel at all to give Rex run is laughable. Rex is depth and insurance for them at the position (sorely needed by the way) but nothing more.
  10. Courtland Sutton 2018 Outlook

    Thanks for the nuance. This is the most objective perspective but it'll probably get you booed out of this forum. I love everything about Sutton and his arrow is definitely pointing up. Anyone feeling certain about anything more than that is likely doing a whole lot more hoping than projecting.
  11. Stefon Diggs 2018 Outlook

    Probably sitting Diggs at this point. Practice reports not promising at all and that Aldrick quote is fairly telling. He could still be active but if you've ever owned Diggs you know to stay away if he's questionable. That combined with the Slay matchup is concerning enough to bench him--and even if Slay is out I don't like it. Rolling with other options regardless of the news that comes out between now and then.
  12. Stefon Diggs 2018 Outlook

    Anyone have info on if Slay is a guy who shadows all over the field including the slot? At this point it's really hard to consider other teams prioritizing shutting down Diggs over Theilen. At what point do teams start respecting the true WR1 on this team to the point where Diggs isn't always matched up with the opposing team's top CB?
  13. Nick Mullens 2018 Outlook

    Am I the only one in here that doesn't personally know this guy?
  14. Sony Michel 2018 Outlook

    Couldn't disagree more with the idea that his usage will be affected if he's active. If he's healthy enough to play he will resume his normal workload; if he's not healthy he won't play. If his health is such that he's at a significant risk of getting reinjured to the point that they have to limit him they are much more likely to opt to not play him rather than play him sparingly. Why rush a bum RB onto the field (who's likely less effective since they are, ya know, injured) and exacerbate the chance that he incurs a longer term injury? That's not how the NFL and especially smart teams like the Pats operate. If he's active my bet is that we see the same Sony.
  15. Sony Michel 2018 Outlook

    That's a lot of conviction for a situation that, objectively speaking, has some real uncertainty baked in. No wins are given in the NFL and that game was a lot closer than the final score looked. If Michel was healthy enough to play they would have played him. Their running game is atrocious without him, whether they play the Bills or otherwise--again, if he could have played he would have played. I think it's fine to take your approach if Michel by far and away your best option. But if I'm looking at my RB2 slot and I'm weighing Michel v. Chubb, Miller, Kerryon etc. it's hard not to go with the slightly less attractive but more certain option. To each his own I suppose but I think you might be a little naive if you think there's 0% chance Sony is inactive come Sunday night. A lot of time between now and then for setbacks and the bottom line is that none of us have any real facts about his medical situation beside the morsels we are fed in terms of the injury reports after practice. The only absolute here is that there are none. Wise owners would do well to be aware of that fact.