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  1. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    And punish the faithful followers who have started him every week he's active? Fantasy gods love Flash almost as much as they hate Hogan. Look at his journey thus far and where it landed him. He's gone from the doghouse to the penthouse and already has Brady thinking about leaving Gisele for him. If anything the gods will reward those who see last week for what it was--a glimpse into the future for those who were willing to see it. We will see a multiplication of those efforts this week and for the faithful, it will be a time of reaping indeed.
  2. Sony Michel 2018 Outlook

    No reason to worry at all, just a maintenance day for a guy that has gotten good volume recently after being out with a sore knee. Smart not to overdo it in practice on a Wednesday given how much they will want to use him Sunday. If he's limited again today I'd be surprised.
  3. Greg Zuerlein 2018 Outlook

    From what I recall in my experience the "out" tap is less consistent for truly questionable game-time decisions, but to be honest I can't say with certainty as I'm usually tracking my IR eligible players in the days leading up to gametime as opposed to the hour before. Maybe someone else knows more decisively. I do expect with a high degree of certainty (95%+) that we will see Greg with the "out" designation in the days leading up to Sunday because unlike true game-time decisions there should be some certainty in his status since they will have to make a move with Santos one way or the other (they aren't retaining Santos if they plan to make Greg active). Better a week early than a week late.
  4. Greg Zuerlein 2018 Outlook

    I'd recommend to all Greg owners in IR-eligible leagues to wait it out until his designation changes. Whether it's today or worst case all the way leading up to Sunday, either way he will eventually be marked out allowing you to IR him and add from the homogeneous pile of free agent kickers. The kicker you pick up today is truly no different than who you'll have when you can safely slot Greg into an IR slot. Don't burn a positional bench player out of impatience.
  5. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    At what point does it get slightly concerning that he's yet to get in a full practice in his time with the Pats? This lingering hammy injury is just a little strange considering he looks fine out there and there's no talk about it outside of his designation on the injury report. We talk about his grasp of the playbook being his obstacle to increasing snap counts, but in reality could it not just be the limited practice reps? He simply hasn't been in there as often as he could be to get reps in with the first team offense, so while he knows the plays theoretically they don't have the confidence yet to throw him in on every play/package until they see it in practice first. Hate to say it but it feels like the increased volume of snaps we are all expecting will likely be preceded by him shaking this limited tag.
  6. Chicago Bears Defense 2018 Outlook

    I don't want to turn this into the Greg thread but I think your calculations are off, likely due to you not calculating the fact that GZ only played 14 games. He averaged 13 pts a week in most standard scoring leagues, compared to 10.75 pt/wk from the #2 kicker Gostkowski. 2.25 pt/wk advantage is huge and that's not even comparing him to the average which for kickers which would be closer to a 3.5 pt/wk difference. Other players that gave you that kind of advantage last year compared to their positional counterparts include Michael Thomas (+3.77), Aaron Rodgers (+3.89), Tyreek Hill (+3.59), and Larry Fitzgerald (+3.5). In other words, it's the difference between starting ARod or Tyrod Taylor last year, or Michael Thomas v. Robby Anderson. Huge advantage. To bring this full-circle there's a great argument to be made that similar to how Greg is the exception to the rule with placing a premium on kickers, the same might be true of the Chicago Bears defense this year. Using JAX last year as an example, they ended up scoring 12.8 pt/wk, compared to 10 pt/wk for what might be defined as the average defense in fantasy. That 2.8 pt/wk difference is very similar to the advantage that a guy like GZ gives you, and it cannot be ignored. Teams with the K1 and DEF1 arguably have around a 6 pt/wk advantage over their counterparts, assuming their opponent fields a league-average kicker and defense (the advantage is even greater when they miss on their starts/streamers, while you're consistently starting studs each week). Anyone who thinks this is not an advantage is fooling themselves.
  7. Ronald Jones 2018 Outlook

    RJ2 is the perfect player in the perfect situation this week to utilize creative roster management--especially for those in Yahoo leagues or others that let you drop/add any bench players at any time. Here's what I'm doing: 1. Dropped my kicker for RJ2 2. Will watch to see what RJ2 does in the 1pm game 3. Depending on his performance... 3a. Great performance--he stays on my roster and I drop someone else for a kicker 3b. Middling or poor performance--drop him for a kicker Even if you still believe in his long-term outlook after a middling or poor performance it should be safe to drop this guy. He won't be an attractive waiver add to other owners and should be a guy you can realistically rinse and repeat this process with next week (they also have a 1pm start next week). Of course this process is not particular to RJ2 and is honestly a great strategy for those who want to maximize their chances for a lotto RB.
  8. Royce Freeman 2018 Outlook

    I see what you're saying here but not sure I agree that it has anything to do with Freeman usage issue and not more likely just an issue with them not sticking to the run. It's not that Freeman is underutilized--it's that the running game is being underutilized in general. Lindsay has been fantastic for them and it's difficult to disagree with the notion that if they want to run the ball more he's the best option for them currently. More carries for the offense should lead to more play for Freeman generally speaking but this isn't a case where they are losing games because they refuse to give Freeman touches. In reality his competition has earned those touches and while Freeman has been fairly good, Lindsay has been remarkable.
  9. Greg Zuerlein 2018 Outlook

    Great contribution. What's even sweeter about this case is that in reality it's extremely unlikely he's out for another month unless we think the Rams totally botched their handling of his injury. He would have been eligible for an IR-R slot if they expected him to be out anywhere close to 8 weeks but they kept him on the roster instead. That tells us that they project this to be an injury he could return from in less than 8 weeks, and it's been 4 weeks so far. In other words, arguably the most likely scenario is that Greg returns in the next 1-2 weeks and lights it up with RB/WR2 production while you weep in envy with their backup kicker. Based on the sentiment you shared here I can't say I feel too bad for ya.
  10. Greg Zuerlein 2018 Outlook

    I've been corrected. I guess I was too generous extending the benefit of the doubt to RW posters that they wouldn't waste time on non-consequential players at the least important position in fantasy. My amended statement might read that Legatron is the only kicker justified in having his own thread. If your argument is that there are other kickers worthy of that consideration I'd be interested in hearing it--but if your real interest is just pointing out a semantic flaw in my argument you succeeded, I guess.
  11. Greg Zuerlein 2018 Outlook

    Not really. The only one of that group that is "tough" is Tucker. Everyone else is the same as the rest of the batch for the most part. Would it surprise you to know that Butker and Rosas have the same amount of points this year? Or that Gostkowski is K19 thru 5 weeks? That even Tucker is only 4 total points ahead of the next best kicker, fantasy juggernaut Ryan Succop? Don't be tricked into thinking any of these guys give you a statistical advantage because the data says otherwise. The only exception is Legatron, which is why this guy has his own thread while the others don't. I'm very comfortable rolling with the Leg as my only kicker each week and then adding a replacement last minute as I have more clarity on Legs status. The experts are right. If you're carrying Greg plus another kicker this early in the week your management strategy is simply suboptimal.
  12. Greg Zuerlein 2018 Outlook

    Won't argue with you there. My point is that past Legatron and possibly Tucker (throw Gostkowski in there too I guess), any kicker you pick up off FA today is no different than the guy you can get on Saturday. The same is not true for the positional players in your current FA pool after they are picked over all week.
  13. Greg Zuerlein 2018 Outlook

    No reason to carry an additional kicker other than Legatron until there's more clarity. Kickers are a dime a dozen and won't hurt you at all in most cases to wait until Friday or so when we know his status (per Santos' roster status). This gives you a slot to use on a non-kicker now while you wait and see. EDIT: remember also that any player you pick up as a free agent today and drop on Friday or later will stay on waivers through the weekend, meaning other teams won't be able to pick him up for this week and will have to burn a waiver if they want him afterwards. Let's say you own Greg now and pick up a RB flier like Ronald Jones instead of picking up another kicker. If Friday rolls around and Greg is out you drop Jones and grab a kicker, blocking the rest of the league from getting a potential value breakout RB for free. Best case Greg plays and you grabbed your favorite positional FA early in the week as opposed to waiting for them to get picked over all week and then dropping your useless extra kicker for the leftover FA.
  14. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    You take the good with the bad. Didn't pull the trigger 2 weeks ago but I did last week. I won't lie--it was true anguish in the first half of the game and I probably cussed at myself twenty times for being stupid enough to start him. But all of that made the TD catch that much sweeter. The lows of JG is what makes the highs so rewarding. If he doesn't catch that pass last week I would have been extremely frustrated and kicking myself for starting him. Even still I was more in tune with a TNF game than perhaps any other time in my life. That's entertainment value to me, regardless of the outcome. Unlike the last two weeks though it is reasonable to think that the potential for satisfaction is higher than the potential for frustration. That makes him an easy start for me moving forward. If you started him two weeks ago I'm assuming you sat him last week. Can't blame you but that's a miserable existence as a JG owner. If he does poorly on your bench it still sucks if you like this guy as much as I do. You have to be ride or die if you want the full experience! At least it maximizes your chance of enjoying having him on your team.