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  1. I have both Cousins and Wall goodbye to my season but more importantly, i wish them both a speedy and proper recovery from their injuries
  2. he's not a streaky player imo; it's just that the minutes and role that the coach provides him is streaky (because of a logjam in the position). he is consistently good when given minutes imo
  3. He has 32 now with 6 minutes left, the 38-point estimate is not too far off..
  4. dwight hitting his free throws well lately
  5. dwight hitting his free throws recently..
  6. I’d still take him late first round if he manages to fall to me (11th-14th pick)
  7. Is it drop city for this guy or should we stay patient with him
  8. Good trade for you, definitely. But don't justify that the trade is not lopsided just because the two owners involved in the trade said so. if I am trading with you 1 gold bar for 1 dollar and we both see that it's a good trade, it doesn't mean that the whole league/public would think likewise. But of course, if the deal pushed through with the other owner accepting the trade and the rest of the league not making a move to veto, then good for you. I just question the competitiveness of your league. (But that doesnt mean that you cannot enjoy the money you win afterwards)
  9. Veto can be used if the trade is very lopsided in the view of other owners. Sometimes, an owner involved in a trade is not able make an accurate assessment of the market value of his players, and enters into a bad trade. It happens. That's why other owners have the ability to veto if they assess (on a partial majority basis) that a trade is unfair or not, regardless if the owners involved in the trade "think" that they are entering a "fair" exchange. Simply put, owner/s involved in a trade themselves failed to properly assess the market value of the players involved in the trade. Two owners cannot force other owners not to veto; if so many other owners vote veto, then there is no choice but to cancel the trade (and it is difficult to obtain a number of veto votes unless a trade is really perceived by other owners as unfair/vetoable). However, if the trade is just a bit in the advantage of one owner, but happened because of reasons such as "need other positions/stats" (and not a pure upgrade on the same position filling the same categories), then there will be less or no reasons for other owners to veto. Even if 1 or 2 owners veto for selfish reasons, if the number of vetoes doesnt reach the needed number, the trade can push through.
  10. henson with the double double and 2 blocks (sad 0/4 ft though, but cant complain)
  11. that perfect 0/7 ft by drummond was beautiful