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  1. I have both Cousins and Wall goodbye to my season but more importantly, i wish them both a speedy and proper recovery from their injuries
  2. Wait for waivers to clear up. Morris is not worth it imo; too inconsistent. He will be a headache to your team for sure
  3. I'd take Davis. You cannot win with KAT... but you can certainly gamble on Davis. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/692191-my-oladipo-for-his-porzingis-whir/
  4. hi cdd, thank you for your reply... may i ask why you think it would be better to keep oladipo? thank you!
  5. Hi bro, thanks for your reply. I replied to your thread as well I will drop Cousins for this :(((((((((((( more important than thinking about my fantasy season, i wholeheartedly wish that he fully recovers and return to beast boogie form next season.
  6. Hey bro, thanks for replying to my thread. Get Embiid on Trade1 Get Markieff on Trade2 (but Markieff is pretty meh and inconsistent this season so far... but has potential to turn it around)
  7. Hi all, I was offered Porzingis and T. Young for my Oladipo. Should I take the deal? WHIR!
  8. he's not a streaky player imo; it's just that the minutes and role that the coach provides him is streaky (because of a logjam in the position). he is consistently good when given minutes imo
  9. He has 32 now with 6 minutes left, the 38-point estimate is not too far off..
  10. dwight hitting his free throws well lately
  11. dwight hitting his free throws recently..