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  1. I dropped Reed to pick up Uzomah today and would play him over Seals-Jones and Brate. Hoping for a shootout ...
  2. I take the A side because of Royce Freeman
  3. Thanks for helping. I really like the trade! Gordon, Ingram and Kamara are some really really really nice RBs. Engram is a good upgrade to Rudolph, imho. AB84 hurts, but hopefully Allen produces better the 2nd half and Baldwin looked good last game, plus has a bye week now to recover.
  4. Which QB for week 7? WHIR

    I would play Flacco against the Saints. The Ravens have 269 pass attempts so far this season and the Saints are #3 in Fantasy Points against QB. Looks like a great matchup to me. Eli against the Falcons could also be good, but I would not take the risk... Please help back:
  5. Trade Help - WHIR

    Thanks for helping! I would not trade Kamara. With Gurley and Kamara you can win the league this year! It hurts that you can not hold him after the season, but maybe he will pay off with a title before leaving. And a title this year looks better to me than keeping Tyreek Hill the next 5 years. Maybe you can trade Clement+Brown for a better WR, or offer Mixon. But I would keep Gurley and Kamara!
  6. Tyler Boyd for Chris Thompson

    Thompson? No, thank you! Boyd so far: 455 yards, 4 TD in 6 Games. Next 3 games: Chiefs, Bucs, Saints Stay with Boyd - try to sell Brown or bundle him with Davis, Jones or a Drake believer to get a RB. Please help back:
  7. Mixon for Keenan Allen PPR?

    I would not sell Mixon for Allen - try to get more value! Yes, he has a lot upside and might be a top 10 WR, but at the moment he is #26 Find a better deal or try to pickup WRs at the WW: Meredith, Kearse - there might be options. Please help back:
  8. Mack or Royce ROS?

    I would prefer Mack ROS. Drafted Royce in the early rounds and I don't think he can produce as long as Lindsay stays healthy. Mack on the other hand looked great against the Jets and I'm thinking of picking him up by myself... Please help back:
  9. Little help, always WHIR

    I don't know if I have the right numbers, but OBJ so far: 6 Games 45 Receptions 506 Yards 84.3 Y/G 3 100+ Games 1 TD Besides of TDs this looks like top 10 to me. And we all know, what's most hard to predict... Schedule looks good (not awesome): Falcons, Bucs, Eagles, Bears Those allowed alot against WR. You can start 3 RBs, that might be C.McCaffrey, J.Mixon and J.Connor right now - Breida and Cohen would be your backups. You could start M.Thomas and OBJ week in week out and add J.Landry, E.Sanders oder S.Shephard if needed. I don't think that DJ will get much better this year, the Arizona Offense looked bad. Thompson is solid, but very game script dependent. So, I think I would make the trade and go for it. T.Coleman or J.Howard - I would go with Howard here. Both produced equal numbers, although Coleman was the primary RB during weeks where Freeman was hurt. Plus: if he is traded to the Eagles Howard could be a RB1 ROS... Please help back:
  10. Use #1 waiver? WHIR

    Depends on what you need... If you need a RB, I would go for Clement and hope that the Eagles don't trade McCoy. If you need a flex WR, I would go for Godwin. Please help back:
  11. Four times no, some more opinions? Would Ingram instead of CMC be a better trade?
  12. Conner for Gronk? Whir

    If you already have Ertz, I would keep Conner and play him. Please help back:
  13. Drop Corey Davis for Godwin?

    For me it is Godwin, who looked great with Fitz and also great with Winston. Davis gets more targets and has the higher upside, but he seems to be more risky to me... Please help back: