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  1. and now he starts the second half...BBM was very down on him hence I was hesitant on picking him up in every league, but he's appearing to become once of the better trade deadline FA adds. May not be the the best player on a per game basis but if he starts 30min a game along with the 4-4-4 playoff schedule he should be appearing on more championship rosters.
  2. wow...just when I started regretting using up my moves adding him over some other hot FA he goes big.
  3. Question - for yahoo leagues week 18 and 19 are combined, however I was wondering are the max number of player adds allowed counted per week or combined? Like for example if my default is 4 player adds per week so I get to add 4 in week 18 then 4 in week 19 or 4 altogether for 18+19?
  4. Capela is targeting 1st game after all star break. So I wouldn’t hesitate to drop Faried for the hot adds now if you think he can’t exist with capela
  5. any possibility Faried can play the 4 when Capela is back? Double lob city?
  6. You are right. What can happen though too is they just play Davis for the first quarter like they did with Lopez, and rule him out every other game for leg cramps or minor bruises. Our only hope is a trade. Lakers need to dump their whole roster and 4 1st round picks every other year through 2027 to get AD
  7. This is a tough call, Harris has been the better prospect the past two years, but Collison is balling right now. I would rather keep Collison just cause assists are harder to come by, but hard to say who will be the better player ROS help/
  8. fair trade. keep in mind that Adam can force you into punt FT help?
  9. I would take JJJ, he is most likely to be best player as soon as next season. help?
  10. Standard 9-cat 12 team H2H Yahoo, current team as below: G - Lowry, Bledsoe, Satoransky, Rondo, Young F - Kawhi, Butler, JJJr, Bogdan Bogdanovic C - Jokic, Cousins, B Lopez, Zubac IL - Covington, can stash one more I'm in a comfortable position for playoffs and was wondering if the trade in title would be a good idea? Kawhi sat for no reason last week which makes me concerned he'd pull this again, or at least never play B2B this season which is -2 games in playoffs. At the same time Boston players are prone to rest days...
  11. default yahoo setting is 4-3-4 for both OKC and LAL players. I don't know what schedule you have so YMMV.
  12. Allen, but honestly if the accept button is in front of me I would take PG for lebron and run