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  1. You have a valid point, I have not thought of that. Nothing irks me more though than someone beating me for a playoff spot because their opponent for the week has given up on playing and not adjusting their lineups at all. Taking away bench allows me to play in many leagues while still enjoying the same fun. I feel like folks that choose to quit or become less engaged will do so regardless if there was a bench or not, but that is just my thought on this.
  2. Running as commissioner for multiple leagues for years, I've opted for a no bench lineup in daily H2H leagues. I often get asked why there is no bench. To me it's a no brainer; I don't need to fix lineups and I don't need to take into account of quality games/worrying that I waste Friday games played. I don't see any benefit having a bench other then praying your opponent doesn't set their lineups. Anything else I'm missing here?
  3. Try to own both of you can, especially if you are Sato owner. You’re guaranteed a starting guard that way and the other will just be a streaming spot. I didn’t draft Sato and grabbed Dunn so if he starts then I get a top 100 PG free
  4. I know it doesn't make sense. If I was a Satoransky owner I'd be jumping at Dunn to at least lock up one starting guard
  5. Kris Dunn getting a look in the starting unit for tonight's game. It's still a position battle but surprising to see him in consideration given Satoransky & White's presence. Seems like a 50-50 shot to start for me. Must grab as last or so pick?
  6. For those who play in multiple leagues, what would be your approach when your turn is up and a player you find valuable is there, but you have already drafted them in other leagues already (or if you find their auction prices to be a steal while bidding)? Would you draft a player at a decent enough value 10/10 times, or would you try mixing it up as best as you could? The risk of having the same player in multiple or all your leagues is if they go down all your leagues suffer.
  7. Just finished what I thought as one of my tougher drafts of the season. Went balanced approach. Looking at the projections I punted points, weaker in FT, strong in Rbd, Ast, Blk, and average in the rest. How'd I do? Thoughts on what I can improve on? WHIR 1. (29) Bam Adebayo (Mia - PF,C) $23 2. (30) Draymond Green (GS - PF,C) $22 3. (39) Nikola Vucevic (Orl - PF,C) $31 4. (42) Thomas Bryant (Was - C) $18 5. (44) Mike Conley (Uta - PG) $20 6. (45) Lonzo Ball (NO - PG) $9 7. (46) John Collins (Atl - PF,C) $25 8. (63) Kyle Lowry (Tor - PG) $19 9. (82) Josh Richardson (Phi - SG,SF) $11 10. (87) Delon Wright (Dal - PG,SG) $7 11. (91) Caris LeVert (Bkn - SG,SF) $8 12. (110) Zach Collins (Por - PF,C) $5 13. (134) Alex Len (Atl - PF,C) $2
  8. This is a complicated one. Comes down to how long you dynasty runs for. Turner and Lowry would be expendable for me
  9. Hello all, this is my first time using the fantasy waiver acquisition budget. I was wondering if there is a strategy to using it, such as how much I should be saving, how much I should be putting into folks, etc...Thanks!
  10. Sort of low end but would like to know who you’d rather pick in H2H 9cat settings. Jakob has the more stable role but Noel has the better per minute production and upside
  11. Good build, if I had to pick out I would pick up someone else other than Curry. Zeller and Green are very lukewarm options as well.
  12. 9-cat 12 team standard, my Capela and Isaac for his PG13 and Dinwiddie (most likely end up becoming streaming spot), who would you take? Tempted because I have depth but not sure how much I should discount PG13 with his current injury. WHIR
  13. Thanks, that gives me my answer. I had an auction draft and I went balanced with mostly top 40-60 players, best being Ayton and worst Wright. Would like to open up a streaming spot plus there are good waivers available
  14. H2H 9-cat standard 12 team. Should I get Lillard?
  15. I just completed an auction draft 12-team 9-cat, went full balance approach like Llyod and this is what I ended up. K. Lyu's Team Budget $200 1. (31) Mike Conley (Uta - PG) $17 2. (37) Terry Rozier (Cha - PG,SG) $11 3. (40) Deandre Ayton (Pho - C) $24 4. (43) Eric Bledsoe (Mil - PG,SG) $17 5. (49) Kevin Love (Cle - PF,C) $16 6. (52) De'Aaron Fox (Sac - PG) $22 7. (60) Clint Capela (Hou - PF,C) $16 8. (63) Danilo Gallinari (OKC - SF,PF) $9 9. (66) Wendell Carter Jr. (Chi - C) $12 10. (67) Jonathan Isaac (Orl - SF,PF) $9 11. (72) Thomas Bryant (Was - C) $14 12. (74) LaMarcus Aldridge (SA - PF,C) $27 13. (96) Delon Wright (Dal - PG,SG) $6 Thoughts? In terms of projection I'm weakest in 3s. Should I go ahead and punt it? Someone offered D'Lo for my Capela
  16. I've been running multiple leagues as commissioner now for several years and over time I have deviated from some of the standard settings (I do Yahoo format). Here a some things that I think work well: No Bench Line up and only one Center - My roster settings are PG, SG, G, G, SF, PF, F, F, C, Util, Util, Util, Util with 2-3 IR spots. What this does is that it saves me from having to adjust the lineup daily/weekly. It also prevents folks from picking up more wins against opponents that stop playing during later parts of the season. One instead of two centers as the league is shifting to more small ball lineups. 8 team playoffs in 12 team setting and cash for regular season winners - Hear me out first! I do this so teams aren't eliminated too early and have a shot to get into playoffs up to a week or two before end of season. Instead of giving Top 2 teams bye-weeks they win money instead so there's still an incentive for top rankings. What other suggestions or comments ya'll have?
  17. Yahoo recently updated their player rankings however I do not see a difference in their default predraft value. For exampled Bam Adebayo was rank #42 with predraft price of $19 but now rank #60 however predraft price still $19. This matters a lot for auction leagues. Do the auction prices never get adjusted or just delayed and by how much?
  18. My Trae Young for his Devin Booker and SGA in 9-cat standard. I’m punting FG% and they seem to all fit my team. Thoughts? WHIR
  19. My Young for his Lowry and Conley in a standard 9-cat H2H league. Thinking about doing this to diversify my risk and have more guards. Thoughts? WHIR
  20. Just finished a 12-team 9-cat standard draft team with 4 keepers from prior season - Harden CP3 Fox Covington (keeper won't continue). Went in trying to punt FG% but ended up here: 1. (5) James Harden  (Hou - PG,SG) 2. (17) Chris Paul  (OKC - PG) 3. (29) De'Aaron Fox  (Sac - PG) 4. (41) Robert Covington  (Min - SF,PF) 5. (53) Bam Adebayo (Mia - PF,C) 6. (65) Thomas Bryant (Was - C) 7. (77) Miles Bridges (Cha - SF) 8. (89) Derrick White (SA - PG,SG) 9. (101) Dwight Powell (Dal - PF,C) 10. (113) Enes Kanter (Bos - C) 11. (125) Kelly Olynyk (Mia - PF,C) 12. (137) Evan Fournier (Orl - SG,SF) 13. (149) Jakob Poeltl (SA - C) According to yahoo projections I'm actually 2nd in FG% and top 3 in RBD, AST, STL. Worst now in FT% at 8th in my league but I can probably drop/trade Poeltl to change that. Thoughts or suggestions? WHIR
  21. Yahoo opened up fantasy basketball early this year but there are no options to join pro cash leagues yet. Anyone have any insights? Could it be canceled due to legal issues?
  22. swap Young and Morant for some high FG% guards. You drafted valuable players but messed up the build. Not that you can't have a balanced approach but Gobert and Young don't belong on the same team.
  23. So was I :(. I'm try not use my bias against him though in not picking him. I guess since I have injury prone CP3 already I should go with Russell so I don't end up with two out of four of my top players not playing in March.