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  1. Miguel Andujar 2018 Outlook

    Uhh huh huh... you said jack off
  2. CJ Cron 2018 Outlook

  3. Best twitter accounts to follow for news?

  4. Willy Adames 2018 Outlook

    Hype train derailed?
  5. CJ Cron 2018 Outlook

    0-13 vs Chris Sale in his career. Not cutting the guy but he's grabbing some pine tonight.
  6. Sorry in advance to the mods if this is the wrong spot for this question: but what are some of the best twitter accounts to follow for breaking news, trade rumors, etc etc I already follow closer monkey and mlb closer news
  7. Waiver Wire - Streaming Options - Week 8

    Domingo German tonight at Texas. Why not?
  8. CJ Cron 2018 Outlook

    3 for 17 in last 4 games with 9 K's
  9. CJ Cron 2018 Outlook

    Crashing back to Earth?
  10. Tyler O'Neill 2018 Outlook

    Choooo chooooO!!!!
  11. Waiver Wire - Streaming Options - Week 8

    Matthew Boyd at Min today. Other than one flub dude has been serviceable. A nice WHIP on the season at 1.06. I’m buying.
  12. Greg Bird or Juan Soto?

  13. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    Gave Altuve got Machado/Corbin Gave Herrera got Torres gave mazara got Herrera back
  14. Drop who for T O'Neill? whir

    Don’t over think this Darin. Get O’neill while he’s still a FA