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  1. He's not a top 50 guy right now, but he's far from mediocre unless you're in a shallow league. The blocks "disappeared" for a week and including those three no block games there's like only two other games where he hasn't recorded one. I think that's pretty consistent. The real drag on his ranking was his free throw percentage, but he's been like 80%+ for the last month and his average there is starting to normalize. I can think of like five guys that can get you that combination of 50+ FG%/75 FT%/1.5 blocks and Allen is one of the few.
  2. How is this mediocre? Maybe I have different expectations since I just traded for Allen and am a new owner, but I'll happily take good percentages, no turnovers, and multiple stocks any day. As long as he does those things, I won't haggle over a rebound/point or two.
  3. I haven't watched him really since two years ago (I missed today's game and he was hurt most of last year), but he'd be a speculative pickup/stream in counting stats due to volume of minutes rather than his potential as a per minutes kind of player. He played 25 MPG as a rookie and was definitely more valuable as a real life player than in fantasy, as his role was mostly as a gritty defensive glue guy (not a steals play either). I expect more of that (glue guy role) going forward and he'll probably be the kind of guy that will bounce around waivers as people stream him. For now, I feel like there's more attractive targets in most leagues that are available than him if you have a droppable player (he's available in my 16 teamer and nobody is rushing for him).
  4. That's exactly what I'm thinking. The thing is that James Johnson only needs 20-25 minutes to consistently push for a 1/1/1 and I feel like the situation has enough opportunity for those minutes. He could push for a starting PF gig, but also could simply get some run as a backup for either spot. Realistically too, I don't think he can stay on the court that much longer even if he started (like a 24-28 MPG role) because he has a history of making mental mistakes and playing outside of himself.