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  1. Typical Luka line. Great popcorn stats with little stocks, sucks in efficiency, especially FT% and TOs. One of the most overrated players in fantasy.
  2. Glad that I didn't drop him. TT's return may hurt his value a bit but Cavs top priority is obviously to develop young talent. There's little incentive to play TT heavy minutes unless Nance is injured or gets into foul trouble post trade deadline. Even he plays only 24 minutes he's not a drop IMO.
  3. Will he sit all-star game for load management?
  4. The 4th block was a missed call by ref. He clearly fouled Fox. But I'll take it!
  5. K Love is coming back. His outlook doesn't look good.
  6. I'd rank McGee over the other 3 bigs. Zubac is a big question mark, even though LAC may start tanking. Powell is a low ceiling but high floor guy in his current role. Bryant's hard to trust with inconsistent minutes under Brooks.
  7. Glad that I didn't drop. Will probably only miss 3 games.
  8. He has a strong stat set, only needs 25-26 minutes to be top 100. So he's a must add if you've a dead weight. If he gets to start at PG, he will be Jrue Holiday lite from the wire...and to cut a guy like Gary Harris would be worth it.
  9. I'm thinking the same. If Conley stays, Delone may split time with Bradley.
  10. I play in ROTO league and I am holding, because nobody else on the WW I can trust with the floor of top 80. White has a strong stat set. No weakness and can give you a little of everything even on an off night. Can put up a 9-cat gem when he's on. If you already have a comfortable lead, I think you should be holding.
  11. Kieff and Porter are out but Portis and Jabari join the wizards. And they're keeping Jeff Green. I don't see any difference if Brooks still there..