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  1. Is he going to be that good as a rookie? I'm dropping Bauers who some people think will be pretty good this year but my last pick. My team is pretty stacked otherwise but could use a young stud ss if andrus struggles although i still have all backups covered with Shaw being able to play 2b and villar and andrus can play both. C-Molina 1B-Freeman 2b-Villar 3B-Shaw SS-Andrus OF-Acuna Jr OF-Benintendi OF-Khris Davis Util-Devers Util-Carlos Santana B-Chris Taylor B-Bauers SP-Greinke, Price, Castillo, Newcomb, Carlos Martinez, Luke Weaver RP-Treinen, Andrew Miller, Colome, Minter, Brasier
  2. With Bagley due back not much to drop on my team. PG-Kyrie SG-Conley G-Fox SF-Tatum PF-Jokic F-Kuzma C-Capela C-Deandre Jordan Util-Clarkson Util-Powell B-Smart B-Jaylen Brown B-Dunn B-Derick White IL-Bagley
  3. Verlander went 1st pick in the 3rd round in my draft. Aaron Nola, Khris Bryant, Snell and then Cole went the pick right before me. So Cole is by no means a reach in the 3rd round.
  4. I usually don't like taking pitchers early either, although I think this year is probably different. Cole as a 3rd rounder is not a bad pick, although I'd probably wait until the 4th round on him. I'd go for Verlander 3rd round over Cole. I had the 6th pick as well and took sale with the 6th pick overall though. Then went hitters with my next 3 picks until the 5th round. If you want Cole take him. I think the best pitchers are at the top of drafts this year. I took Sale because he was the one I wanted. May regret taking a pitcher that high but ah well. I'm not huge on the hitters they have rated 6th overall. Guys like Yelich etc.. I would have ended up taking Bryce Harper or him or even Lindor if I took a hitter. Or Scherzer or Sale. I just took Sale then took Stanton 2nd round. Got Benintendi 3rd and Bogaerts 4th. A lot of red sox early but I got good value that way I figure. Pitchers were going early in my draft. I took Strasburg 5th and by then pitchers were really picked pretty thin.
  5. 1st draft. 12 team h2h 5x5. 6th pick. First base, I could use a 3rd starter. And a relief pitcher I guess? But can be found and overall looks good? I'll drop a few guys once position battles are sorted out. Looks like Minter and Herrera may be in set up roles but might do alright picking up saves here and there with my bullpen. C-Posey 1B-Hosmer 2B-Mondesi 3B-Donaldson SS-Bogaerts OF-Stanton OF-Benintendi OF-Piscotti Util-Matt Chapman Util-Devers B-Billy Hamilton B-Blake Swihart SP-Sale, Strasburg, Eovaldi, Lucchisi, Jakob Junis, Sabathia RP- Leclerc, Hader, Brasier, Minter, Herrera
  6. Any Royals that might hit fantasy relevance this year? Been a Royals fan forever and like following rebuilding teams but haven't been able to keep up with the current rebuild overly. Seems like a good year where players like Dozier, Junis, Mondesi, O'hearn may put up decent stat lines as bench players with upside while the Royals are awaiting their big hiting prospects. Any of these guys worth taking a flier on late in drafts? I usually target Perez as my catcher as well. I drafted him on one team and passed on another last year. And hit nice with Merrifield too last year since those were the only two Royals I had. I was right on that. Seems like there may be more Royals this year that are worth owning.
  7. My friend and I have been going back and forth. Last offer he made was Paul, Davis and Dedmon for Kyrie, Jokic and Deandre. I guess it's Jokic in some sort of deal. Not much else on his team I want. He has Tobias Harris. Kemba Walker I would rather over Paul maybe. pg-kyrie sg-fox g-conley sf-tatum pf-jokic f-kuzma c-jordan c-manimal util-dunn util-Smart b-White B-huerter B-Brown B-Bagley IL-Capela
  8. Kind of an open ended question but just lost Capela and Carter Jr to injury. I picked up Bagley and Huerter and just bpa but my rebounding is going to suffer. I may be a good 3 point shooting team now though. Still need a big man I feel. Who would you offer up? I was thinking of trying to get Jaren Jackson Jr. I can offer up Dinwiddie, Dunn even Bagley I think. I've also been pondering a move for Anthony Davis for a while. There was a deal on the table Conley, Jokic and Jordan for Davis and Collison but I felt like i was giving up too much at the time. As far as eligibility my team is kind of wonky right now with only Jokic and Jordan having Center elibility but i've looked at scheduling and it's not bad as long as no one else gets hurt. Bagley only has PF eligibility. Portis and Levert are also on waivers i am looking at but picked up Huerter instead. I was thinking of picking up levert and doing the same and offering Dinwiddie or Levert for Jackson Jr. Is Dinwiddie or Dunn for Jackson a good trade for me? PG-Kyrie SG-Conley G-Fox SF-Tatum PF-Kuzma F-Jaylen Brown C-Jordan C-Jokic Util-Dunn Util-Dinwiddie B-Smart B-Derrick White B-Bagley B-Huerter IL-Capela
  9. Knox and Clarkson are out there. Knox for upside and position since I have a ton of pgs. Clarkson seems pretty solid. Need scoring in my last spot. Who do you take out of these 3 guys?
  10. The trade offer I have sitting there is Davis and Collison for Jokic, Conley and Deandre. I get Davis. As far as the confusion not sure what it is, but was just explaining how i made a similar trade last year for Giannis and Dunn for Simmons, Blake and Wiggins. And won my league. I was able to play waivers down the stretch where having 3 guys you can't waive vs Giannis and playing waivers was better. Still I'm giving up a lot.
  11. I've had this offer sitting there for a week. I'm about to decline vs just letting it continue to sit there. I offered Jokic, JOrdan and Dunn for Davis. He countered with Jokic, Jordan and Conley for Davis and Collison. Hard turning down Davis when stats wise he and Collison basically equal Jokic and Conley. Davis is that big a bump. I'm looking at waivers though and with Collison I'm looking at adding Favors or Bam or someone like that. Not sure I can replace that kind of production I'm getting with Conley. Davis is a once in a life player though and hard to turn down. He alone basically equals 2 players. I made a trade for Giannis and Dunn last year for Simmons, Blake and Wiggins. I won my league. I'm giving up more this time though but Davis is also better. I think Jokic, Conley and Deandre is too much though. Am I wrong? About to decline. Just last year down the stretch having Giannis it didn't seem to matter who i had or got hurt. I had Kyrie last year too and Embiid and they both got hurt. Didn't matter. I just kept playing waivers and won anyways because I had Giannis. Davis is kind of the same thing. Where with my team as it is I'm kind of stuck with it. Before PG-Kyrie SG-Fox G-Conley SF-Tatum PF-Jokic F-Kuzma C-Capela C-Jordan Util-Dinwiddie Util-Carter Jr B-Smart B-Dunn B-Jaylen Brown B-Sexton After PG-Kyrie SG-Fox G-Dunn SF-Tatum PF-Davis F-Kuzma C-Capela C-Carter Jr Util-Dinwiddie Util-Bam Amedayo/Favors waivers etc B-Smart B-Collison B-Brown B-Sexton
  12. I get Davis, Collison I give Jokic, Conley, Deandre. Do it? Before PG-Kyrie SG-Fox G-Conley SF-Tatum PF-Jokic F-Kuzma C-Capela C-Jordan Util-Dinwiddie Util-Carter Jr B-Smart B-Dunn B-Jaylen Brown B-Sexton After PG-Kyrie SG-Fox G-Dunn SF-Tatum PF-Davis F-Kuzma C-Capela C-Carter Jr Util-Dinwiddie Util-Bam Amedayo/Favors waivers etc B-Smart B-Collison B-Brown B-Sexton
  13. He countered with Conley, JOrdan and Jokic for AD and Collison. I think I do this and just waive Collison and hope for Dunn to be good this year? Too much to give up? I'm getting AD. I have Kyrie, Fox, Dunn and Sexton where I can get away with this. Or decline and just propose what I did again. Conley is too much in ways.
  14. I would pick up Bam and Winslow once the trade goes through if he accepts. I think it's good no? He might take it.
  15. Is there such a thing? I offered Jokic and Dunn forAD he declined. Thinking of offering Jokic, Dunn and Jordan. I could ask for someone back like Draymond but doubt he will do it. He's sitting in last place mainly just not setting line ups. He's got a good team. Started setting his lineups once i offered him a deal. I can offer all 3 vs asking for hezonja back. Unless you can come up with something better. My team PG-Kyrie SG-Fox G-Conley SF-Tatum PF-Jokic F-Kuzma C-Capela C-Jordan Util-Dinwiddie Util-Carter Jr B-Smart B-Dunn B-Jaylen Brown B-Sexton His team PG-Chris Paul SG-Kemba Walker G-Barton SF-Harris PF-Davis F-Draymond Green C-Larry Nance C-Dedmon Util-Covington Util-Lou Williams B-Collison B-Hezonja B-Batum B-Van Fleet