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  1. First year doing this. I have the #1 waiver but I'm assuming it will be rolling all year where if I use it I'll get back up the waiver wire pretty quick if I don't. I had oladipo out so I put him on IR and have 2 waivers in for tomorrow and put a zero bid on both Porter Jr. and Dennis Smith Jr. There is a 100 dollar budget and I'm not dying to have either so I'm assuming I'm doing this right. The question I have though is on Porter it says waiver 2 when I clicked on it. And Smith Jr it says waiver 3. So does this mean someone else made a bid for Porter Jr? And do the players ever unlock so I don't have to use my #1 waiver because I'll just wait until the season starts if that is the case. It originally was October 3rd but then just changed to the 4th so I was assuming it just goes like that. Or do the players actually just become free agents at some point.
  2. [...] Jones should be bumped into just below that tier behind guys like LIndsay and Michel. On the verge of a potential breakout.. And may actually be a better start then one of them. The main issue with Jones coming out of college is his run style is kind of a one trick pony where he hits the hole and just goes. Workload and versatility and all of that needed time to develop. Kenyan Drake and all of that. Similar players but Drake is really on a bad team right now. Tampa is going to continue to struggle some weeks but is further down the development timeline. I think the timeshares some of these players may just not break out. Jaylen Samuels is another one. Talentwise they are all players that should be owned if trending in the right direction.
  3. 12 team h2h. I had the 12th pick so kind of tough. I tried something new and went with the rankings a bit more. it's good if everyone was actually healthy? PG-Kyrie SG-Oladipo G-Gilgeous-Alexander SF-George PF-Zion F-Otto Porter C-Wendell Carter Jr. C-Javale Mcgee Util-Aaron Gordon Util-Reddick B-Jaylen Brown B-Sexton B-Dinwiddie
  4. I'm buying high vs low on the patriots obviously but my thinking is their value is what it is. The patriots defense is not going anywhere. I could have waited a week or two and maybe after a less than week or something tried to sneak in a bears trade if i was really trying to play people but I'm not trying to do that. And I'm aware Carson may blow up.
  5. Sorry for rambling. I got enough information here so this thread can end now. But it's like what is going on with Jaylen Brown right now. Tatum is probably worth a max extension because of his upside and talent. Brown still has something to prove in that regard. The Celtics will pay him that if he gets to that level and all things are moving in that direction. but he's not worth that right now. Doesn't mean they are going to trade him either just ebcause of that. The internet can misconstrue what really goes on sometimes. They aren't going to pay Brown max money though. Until it looks like he is going to be a great player for a long time. He's just good now and his ceiling. not saying he can't be great. And the Celtics may be better off with Tatum, Kemba, Brown etc than Kyrie and Davis either way. And that wasn't happening. Carson to me I see his upside. He has potential to be really good and probably will be but he could also get hurt. The Pats defense I'm banking on being what they are this year. If I were a better man I also would say Carson will have a big year. The bears too. But both are right on the edge. The Patriots are there. Tatum is definately going to be a stud player and his upside says that. Brown's does not necessarily. He still has work to do. Carson I think talent wise is probably better than that this year and will break out this year but similar. Brown is more deserving of less than the max and the Celtics won't pay him the max until years down the road if he keeps getting progressively better is what I'm saying. And teh Celtics can work that out or not. If Brown demands a max deal the Celtics will not give him that and unless another team does he's not getting that either. But of course agents are going to play it up that way and try to get him that. Tatum sure. Tatum is locked into a max deal most likely. Because the market dictates that. Maybe the CEltics will be able to sign him for cheaper if the market dictates it and no one will give him a max or has the room to. it doesn't matter who is deserving. It's what the market dictates. And if people want to pay a player. And no Jaylen Brown is not worth the max. Tatum is but again it's what the market dictates.
  6. Thing is I offered the Bears for the pats in 3 of my leagues. 2 were declined. One still waiting. The other I don't have the bears. I have Minnesota. I offered Desean Watson because i drafted 3 quarterbacks and people thought that was stupid. But it may come in handy. I draft well like i said. I have Jackson, Brady and Watson on that team. So I have Watson as a chip now. But again his value. This league he declined Bears for the Pats straight up. So I offered this. And Robinson I just took a flier on and will waive him for Barber or wait until someone drops someone better. My other teams it was Bears for Pats or nothing. And they will probably all be declined. I had Carson as a chip. It's no different than trading Tatum and Brown for Davis if Kyrie was going to resign and all ducks were in a row. I don't necessarily agree because of chemistry purposes but if all ducks are in a row. Ainge makes that deal. Trying to win a title. Otherwise he just keeps building and playing free agency and he ended up adding Kemba. There are obviously other factors and I'm blind and not blind to those things. But it is what it is.
  7. I'm stll going to play waivers regardless so this isn't the end. Whether I'm the Nets here trading valuable chips for aging players or Ainge packaging chips for hte best player we will find out.. I think it's more a problem when it just ends there. But I'm not done. That's the thing with stuff like this. Ainge has a lot of good players. He would have traded them too for Anthony Davis if Davis wanted to come there and would sign. He went another direction because that wasn't happening which is fine and probably for the best. But he still would have made that deal. That's my reasoning at least. I made that deal. It's a defense and I'm trading a running back so it's a little bit whatever it is.
  8. Thanks for the input. I'll probably be kicking myself over Carson in some regard. And the Bears too. If the Pats are good though it will be what I was intending to do. Carson could be a total beast and he might. But if Michel is good later in the season and teh Pats outplay the Bears then it's a win for me. It could come down to that where I'm playing the dude I traded these guys too. And if Michel and the Pats outplay Carson and the Bears I win that matchup. If they don't the trade was a dud.
  9. I'm actually not saying that at all. It's interesting how people interpret things though. I was just enjoying the conversation and explaining my point of view. It's not even really that I was more presenting my thoughts why i made the trade. Not even saying I'm right or wrong. but that's what I need for it to be a good trade is for the Pats D to be that. I don't know if you understand what I'm saying but more just the interpretation. it definately is interesting what people think you say and what you actually say though. More hypothetical.
  10. I agree the pats and bears are the top two defenses but that's the thing I didn't draft the Rams. I drafted the Bears. I didn't know the Pats would be this good. The Rams are good too but Wade Phillips drives me nuts sometimes. He plays the same schemes regardless. Ah well it's done. Like I said I have to give up players and the deal isn't going to get done or am I upgrading. I could have just started Carson over Michel like was said. I'm not sure what would help my team more. Having the Pats every week or Carson and my stable of running backs. I probably helped his team and it might be a wash for me. If the BEars outplay the Pats I'm pretty much screwed. And I'll probably just drop Robinson for Barber or wait for someone else. The pAts are pretty locked in. I just think the possibility of finding another player like Carson on waivers is higher. All I need is one spot really.
  11. Thing is this week Pats + Robinson scored more points. And I wouldn't be playing Robinson. Carson will be good. I'm not doubting that. Same with the Bears. Carson and the Bears both had very good weeks too. Robinson had a very bad week and I still would have scored more points. And this was against the Bills which should be the Pats strongest competition in their division. The Pats are not like the Rams where they take weeks off. I agree I gave up a lot. I probably helped his team just the same.
  12. I hear you. I don't think it's that bad thinking about it though. I think I win with the patriots D. I could understand long term. But even still. Thing is I have pollard and white. I could move michel to my bench and use michel or white as a backup. But again I put Carson on the same level as Michel. I'll just play Michel. Both are struggling to get going. And Barber is the best free agent. I think Carson's value is a little overhyped. Especially to my team. But yeah i could try to play someone but I'm not doing that. Carson is really on the same level as Michel. A little better than Barber. Who knows what will happen but that is how i think. I'm trying to win this year. And like I said I'm giving up someone good regardless. Whether people know that is something else. Carson has value. So to make the trade actually happen. I could have offered Michel I guess. Carson may be better. But again I don't think it matters.
  13. My logic is basically the Patriots are a sure fire hall of fame defense this year. Probably won't get the credit of the 85 bears but I think they are that dominant or close to it. They will probably slow down a bit with tougher opponents. But I think they are crazy good. For Chris Carson and the Bears. When guys like Barber, Duke Johnson, Murray, etc, etc are on waivers and I think Carson is much more replaceable. And people do stupid things and drop players all the time. I'm giving up the bears because i draft good players and i have no one else to give up. I don't think the Pats will slow down much either if at all. I think Belichick is smart and this is their year and they are banking on their defense being ridiculous and won't settle for anything less.
  14. If that is my method though is it? I'm more concerned I'm overrating the pats and they come back down to earth as the season goes. Basically i play waivers anyways and carson isn't that good where he is irresplacable. I keep going down that track im accumulating the best starters i can. I like Michel so most weeks i'd probably get screwed sitting him playing matchups anyways . Michel is doing fine this week and should get better where if i started playing carson i'm losing two spots. I don't know. I'm listening to the criticism but the pats do this kind of stuff and it works. Carson is not the end all be all is he? I can pick up Barber or someone like that and get similar production. I'm either a moron or a genius. I don't think Carson will necessarily bust either. Seattle is going to use him and Penny and not bench Carson just because he had a few bad weeks. He's more well rounded than Michel or Barber but still in a timeshare.
  15. I offered straight up he decined. So I offered that. My other teams I just offered straight up. Except one I dont have the bears so I offered Minnesota and Desean Watson for The Pats and Marlon Mack. He'll probably decline that. I also dont need watson in that league because i have Lamar Jackson and Brady. There is a method to my madness here so it's not insane. I don't really need Carson. I got him off waivers because someone dropped him and i dropped brown for him with the 3rd waiver. I'm going to play elliott, lindsay, michel anyways. I don't play my bench much except certain weak spots and matchups and my main concern is just bye week now. I have POllard and White anyways if anything happens to any of running backs. And I'd play lindsay over carson anyways right now.