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  1. I play the Kamara owner this week. I’m 3-2 in 4th place and he’s 5-0 in 1st. He’s offering Kamara for Gurley straight up. I’m tempted because even though Kamara is on bye and I’ll just about lose this week’s matchup vs him, the fact that I can have him as a 10th round keeper for the next two years is tempting. My team if accepting this trade: QB - Brady RB - Kamara, DJ, Dion, Chubb WR - Sanders, Golladay, Davis, Crabtree, Rogers TE - Rudolph, Olsen D - GB K - Zuerlein, Gould Would you do this trade?
  2. Thx just accepted the trade after asking him to throw in Corey Davis...gave him Crowder in return.
  3. Do it, if only for the offenses NE > SEA
  4. I'm 3-2 in 4th place in a 14 team PPR two player keeper league. Looking to shake things up as I've been getting by with low end WRs and don't think it'll last. Trying to deal with the 0-5 team and this deal is on the table. Should I do it? Trade away: David Johnson, Kyle Rudolph, Crabtree Receive: Deandre Hopkins, Gronkowski, Ekeler Current Team: QB - Big Ben RB - Gurley, DJ, Dion, Chubb WR - Sanders, Golladay, Crabtree, Crowder, Carlos Rodgers, Josh Reynolds TE - Rudolph, Olsen DST - GB K - Zuerlein New Team: QB - Big Ben RB - Gurley, Ekeler, Dion, Chubb WR - Dhop, Sanders, Golladay, Crowder, Carlos Rodgers, Josh Reynolds TE - Gronk, Olsen DST - GB K - Zuerlein
  5. Greg Zuerlein 2018 Outlook

    Which is why I said "drop a bench guy" for another K if you prefer to keep Greg given he doesn't suit up Sunday.
  6. Greg Zuerlein 2018 Outlook

    If you are in a Yahoo league and Crosby/Gould are on your WW just grab Greg now. If he doesn't play, drop a bench guy or Greg Sunday night and pick up either Crosby/Gould for MNF.
  7. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    Time to stash Dez?

    Up 1 point. He has Catanzaro, I have Big Ben or Fitz at QB. Debating who to start but logic says I should be fine whoever I choose. But this IS fantasy football..ive seen strange things happen.
  9. Jaylen Samuels 2018 Outlook

    He's listed as WR/TE eligible in Yahoo leagues. Streaming TE this year and just dropped Gesicki for him in my PPR league.
  10. Anthony Miller 2018 Outlook

    I am, he’s looking pretty damn good. Grabbed him off waivers prior to TC after watching his college tape. Could be ROY.
  11. Dez Bryant 2017 Season Outlook

    Anyone starting him vs WAS this week? Debating him or Sanu in PPR. Logic tells me Sanu but...
  12. Julio Jones 2017 Season Outlook

    Tell me about it. 3 of my losses were close ones where Julio shat the bed, including last week where I lost by a single point when he did nothing against a beatable Seattle D.