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  1. T.Y. Hilton 2018 Outlook,-Ebron-both-absent-from-practice GREAT.
  2. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    Shouldn’t Chubb also be on this list?
  3. Lamar Jackson 2018 Outlook

    I own Brady and Rivers. Dropped a 2nd DST for Lamar. Who knows how he does but no way am I gonna miss out on a potential fantasy playoff difference maker. Doesn’t hurt to keep him away from others either.
  4. Yea this is a concern as well. REALLY want a stud WR on my team which is why I’m considering it. Plus if Gronk gets over the injury bug my team would be stacked. And I avoid Brady’s bye week.
  5. I trade: Brady, Sanders and Olsen I get: Big Ben, Dhop and Gronk QB: Ben RB: Gurley, Mixon, Chubb, AJones, CT WR: Dhop, Keenan, Woods TE: Gronk, Rudolph D: NE, BAL K: Zuerlein I’m 6-2, tied for 2nd in this 14-team PPR keeper league. Odds are good that I make the playoffs. Taking some risk here with Gronk with him likely being out the next two weeks but feel it’s worth the upside plus I get Hopkins out of the deal. Thoughts?
  6. Keeper league. Would you do this deal? Trade Away: DJ, Golladay (12 rd keeper), McKinnon (11th round). Receive: Joe Mixon, Robert Woods (11th rd keeper) Team after trade: QB: Brady RB: Gurley, Mixon, Chubb WR: Allen, Woods, Sanders, Davis, Trequan TE: Olsen, Rudolph D: CAR, NE K: Zuerlein 6-2 in 1st place but DJ worries me. Chubb would be my 2nd keeper (5th). Should I do it?
  7. Trade for Kamara?? whir

    If you really want Kamara, a Howard/Tyreke for Kamara and Baldwin might do it.
  8. Yea may end up doing that. Forgot to mention I have TreQuan at WR as well. I think it'll be either CAR D or TreQuan that I drop.
  9. Trade for Kamara?? whir

    Who’s your TE?
  10. Thanks. Ironically Davis and Penny are on the WW as well. Who would you drop?
  11. Chris Carson was dropped in my 14 team PPR league. How much FAAB would you spend on him and who would you drop? I have $37 left out of $100. 5-2 tied for 1st. QB: Brady RB: Gurley, DJ, Dion, Chubb WR: Sanders, Golladay, Crabtree, Davis TE: Rudolph, Olsen K: Zuerlein D: NE, CAR
  12. Sutton is the drop here.
  13. I play the Kamara owner this week. I’m 3-2 in 4th place and he’s 5-0 in 1st. He’s offering Kamara for Gurley straight up. I’m tempted because even though Kamara is on bye and I’ll just about lose this week’s matchup vs him, the fact that I can have him as a 10th round keeper for the next two years is tempting. My team if accepting this trade: QB - Brady RB - Kamara, DJ, Dion, Chubb WR - Sanders, Golladay, Davis, Crabtree, Rogers TE - Rudolph, Olsen D - GB K - Zuerlein, Gould Would you do this trade?
  14. Thx just accepted the trade after asking him to throw in Corey Davis...gave him Crowder in return.