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  1. Curious why Reid doesn't give Darrel a shot at the full time gig. McCoy and Damien aren't exactly lighting the world on fire and Darrell has produced when given the opportunity.
  2. Was vs Mia Den vs. Ten Sea vs. Cle 2 point per sack/int, 1 pt per 25 ret yards
  3. ARI is terrible vs. TE but I can't bench my studs. Dissly did pretty well vs. the Rams D last week I'm sure Kittle will do just fine.
  4. I have Winston and Baker. Was going to drop Baker for him (I know both are on bye next week, I'd stream and drop a bum).
  5. How much FAAB would you bid on him? $100 budget. QB's are scarce in this league.
  6. I picked him up as a speculative stash. [...]
  7. Agreed with the above post. AK is the best player in the deal but feel like you are giving up too much. Ask for a better WR than Landry or remove JG from the deal.
  8. Trade away: Darrel Williams Receive: Ronald Jones 14-team PPR (2-2) Current team: QB: Winston RB: Chubb, Gurley WR: Edelman, Watkins Flex: Shepard TE: Andrews K: Slye 😧 Stream Bench: Samuel, Dorsett, Darrel Williams, Malcolm Brown, Mayfield, Hunter Henry With Damien coming back I’m weary of holding onto Darrel. And Ronald Jones seems to be taking the gig over in TB. Guy who owns Jones has Damien..thus his interest
  9. Had to finally jump off this train and trade Woods. Got Edelman for him. Good luck guys.
  10. Here’s the thing. Best RBs on waivers is Gio Bernard and Sproles. Not very exciting options lol. actually the guy offering the trade does have miles sanders as his RB2..but don’t think he will give him up.
  11. Do it. As another poster said it’s a weekly game and you need a D. Indy sucks (I know because i streamed them last week lol)
  12. He doesn’t have the cuff. His team is depleted. His only players of value are Ertz, Conner and Edelman. He has plenty of holes on his team which is why he made the offer.
  13. Would you counter w one of my other WRs? Like Watkins who’s underperformed?