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  1. My D Booker for Simmons? Do theTrade?

    I would keep Booker.
  2. Chriss vs Allen

    Who would you choose between these two? Who do you guys think will have a better remaining half of the season?
  3. I say Embiid! Better upside and think bes going to start playing back to backs soon
  4. Take Kawhi Leonard? Help!

    Appreciate you opinion bro. This is exactly why i came here!
  5. Choose 1 Free Agent

    I would choose Murray.
  6. Trade help WHIR

    I would take that trade. You get Derozan! No ifs and buts because you know that he is the primary scorer, not injury prone and not getting traded.
  7. Just got offered a package containing KAT and Leonard. Should i take this? My concerns are obviously Leonard not coming back on time but if he does I will have 3 first rounders! This is in H2H pts league. Leave a link, thanks! I give: CP3 Drummond/Porzingis (which one?) Porter I receive: KAT Leonard Jamychal Green
  8. I would accept that trade. You will regret it when IT gets it going.
  9. Tatum for brolo and Avery

    I would take this trade. I'm sure you can find someone in the wire that is producing more than BroLo
  10. DSJ for me. I own him and looks like he's turning it around after coming back from injury.
  11. I just traded Butler and Markkanen for Gfreak in H2H points league. Please tell me I made the right move. Leave a link as always.
  12. I would take Klay. I think Otto's production will drop with Wall back and Morris playing better
  13. Fair trade?

    Good points here guys!
  14. Yes I would do this move. When Bradley gets back he will be fully healthy. He was playing hurt for a bit. With R-Jax out we will def see an increase of production. I will probably drop ZBO