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  1. Drop Murray for Monroe

    Or should I drop Dedmon?!
  2. Greg Monroe 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Hmm drop Dedmon for this guy?!
  3. Drop Murray for Monroe

    KCP is also an option
  4. Hello there, I'm currently in need of a Center but I do not have anyone to drop. Only player I can drop but still hesitating to do it is Jamal Murray. Would you guys do this in H2H points league? Thanks!
  5. Jimmy Butler 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Congrats to those who held. Like me
  6. Trade for Towns

    That would be good if you manage to pull this off. I owned KAT and it took Porzingis and Millsap to let him go.
  7. 2017-18 Fantasy Pickup of the Year

    Markkanen the Finish Mamba
  8. Vucevic and Ibaka for MYLES TURNER

    Yes take Turner!
  9. Accept this? Whir

    I would choose the butler side. I think he will turn it around soon.
  10. Which big

    There's also Randolph on the wire.
  11. Which big

    Kaminsky, Noel or Dieng I know all of these bigs are not really producing right now but if you were to choose one, who would you choose in a points league? Thanks!
  12. Crowder or KCP

  13. KAT untouchable but...

    I traded away KAT for Porzingod and Millsap.so basically a Porzingis and a second rounder I would accept.
  14. Covington for Draymond?

    I would make that trade as well. Green can only go up from here. He's too good and versatile.
  15. Horford + Beverley for Beal + McCollum? WHIR

    Beal and McCollum. Easy!