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  1. Waiver Wire Help WHIR

    I would rank them exactly how you ordered them or maybe switch Zubac and Saric around.
  2. Trade help WHIR

    Which sides win in H2H pts league? Drummond and Butler vs Kemba and Hield Leave a link! thanks
  3. Trade Lebron?

    If you held this long, might as well keep him. Once he returns, he will be 100%. I traded him 2 weeks ago for Jokic.
  4. Rajon Rondo 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Is yahoo broken? Damn wanna see how kuch he produced fantasy wise
  5. trade for lebron?

    Personally I think Derozan + Drummond is kinda fair especially how those 2 are playing right now. But try Derozan and Markkanen first.
  6. Stay up and if you need to, add Zizic .Thompson is now also out.
  7. Drop Portis for Rondo? (WHIR)

    I would go for Rondo as well.
  8. Rondo, zubac and zizic Unsure about Kornet as Robinson is back and they still have Kanter.
  9. Brandon Ingram or Josh Richardson WHIR

    I would go with Ingram higher ceiling.
  10. KAT and Siakam for AD? WHIR

    Stick with Siakam and KAT
  11. Which side do you guys prefer in H2H pts league? Thanks!
  12. Zubac or Portis ROS? WHIR

    Portis. I grabbed him! Also, i think once LBJ comes bag McGee will get it together
  13. Waiver wire pick up - back2back games

    WHIR of course
  14. Hello! Who is the better pickup, Evans or Mikal Bridges? Adding one of these 2 will give me 2 additional games that i can really use. In h2h pts leage. Thanks!
  15. Waiver wire thread- week 13 ending 1/13

    Evans or Mikal Bridges? Both have back2back games