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  1. CHAMP! Didn't like the players I drafted so I traded everyone except Boogie.
  2. PG was a big part of me winning the championship. Trading for you finally paid off!
  3. Similar thing happened to me! Had one player left and was down by 40+ points before Gordon's game. Came down to the wire when E.Gordon sealed it with an assist in the last 20 sec.
  4. Won my first championship after my 3rd year in NBA Fantasy (5th, 2nd then 1st). Was a crazy day which involved Harden being out and plugging Gordon in my line up. The final score was 1594.25 to 1591.75. Gordon won it for me last 20 sec with an assist to Nene. Won the championship with these beasts! Guards: Antetokounmpo, Tyler Johnson, Dunn, E. Gordon Forwards: G. Harris, TJ Warren, PG, Middleton Centers: Cousins, Jokic, Myles Turner, Len Lost Bledsoe to injury 12 team Points league H2H
  5. Congrats. me too! Final 1594.25 to 1591.75
  6. Who to pick up for Thurs/Sat games

    I picked him up. But I need one more
  7. Who to pick up for Thurs/Sat games

    Sorry add Nance and Vonleh to that list.
  8. Made it to the finals but I'm losing! Who is the best pick up for Thurs and Sat games. I already picked up Dunn but in need of another. Len, Dudley, Dinwiddie or Portis. I know these aren't great pickups but that's all I got. I'm in a points league btw. Leave a link! thanks
  9. Yes I would do this. Who knows how long Noel will be out for. Every point counts.
  10. Drop N. Noel? WHIR

    Yes drop him or if you have an IR spot put him there. I made the drop yesterday.
  11. Need to get rid of PG13

    I'm on the same boat. I would go with Wiggins but instead of Embiid get someone else. Derozen and Conoley I would do as well. Keep in mind it will be up to Derozen to put up points now that Lowry is injured. .
  12. Saric or Waiters ROS? WHIR

    I would go with Saric. He's doing great with the given opportunity.
  13. Take it and ruuunnn
  14. Dieng or Warren

    I would pick Warren.