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  1. Yes I would do this. Who knows how long Noel will be out for. Every point counts.
  2. Yes drop him or if you have an IR spot put him there. I made the drop yesterday.
  3. I'm on the same boat. I would go with Wiggins but instead of Embiid get someone else. Derozen and Conoley I would do as well. Keep in mind it will be up to Derozen to put up points now that Lowry is injured. .
  4. I would go with Saric. He's doing great with the given opportunity.
  5. Take it and ruuunnn
  6. I would pick Warren.
  7. I'm in a points league and yeah Wiggins>PG. I'm only worried about PG heating it up towards the end. I payed Dragic and Drummond for PG =(
  8. Hayward for me as well
  9. Would you guys do this? I traded for PG but he's been a disappointment. Wiggins in the other hand is trending up. Thanks, Leave a link.
  10. Should I drop Middleton for Barnes/C.Zeller/Rondo or should I stay put? Thanks, leave a link!
  11. Sorry, Garry Harris.. I want to get Wiggins as I think he will be beast now that Lavine is injured.
  12. PG Turner Harris for Walker Wiggins Who wins this trade? I own PG's side. Does this trade make my team better? Thanks, leave a link!
  13. Is this guy worth holding? I managed to grab him of waivers but got injured after 2 games...
  14. Both! hope you did this already!