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  1. Got an offer from someone. .5 ppr give devante parker get mark andrews im 6-3 right now and I haven’t had stability at tight end. I’ve been streaming the position. i also have depth at receiver so losing Parker won’t hurt. thoughts?
  2. .5 ppr give: Mack/mclaurin get: James conner looking to slightly upgrade the running back position. Works out well because I also have jaylen samuels. Let me know if this is a good offer or if you have an alternate offer in mind. my team qb wilson rb henry rb mack wr hopkins wr juju te Jonnu flex Emmanuel sanders def eagles k folk bench: mclaurin, Boyd, Miles sanders, samuels, josh reynolds his team qb jackson rb cook rb carson wr lockett wr chark te waller flex Aaron jones def 49ers k tucker bench: Conner, mark andrews, marquise brown, Stafford, sterling shepard
  3. Should I start marlon Mack or jaylen samuels? looks like jaylen will get the start and Conner will be out.
  4. Jimmy graham is availble. a little more upside for him with Adams out?
  5. .5 ppr Who to start at flex? gallman smithschuster mclaurin Miles sanders gore jones II side note: who would you drop from this group?
  6. I want to upgrade the RB position but, most people who have good rb’s don’t have enough depth to part with one. Any suggestions? Should I just go heavier on the receiver value and see if they’ll part with a solid RB?
  7. Other guy that owns him needs running backs. What should I offer? I was thinking smithschuster and gore. .5 ppr my team wilson henry mack hopkins smithschuster hockenson boyd chargers gonzales bench: mclaurin, Sanders, gore, witten, jones II other guy mayfield Damien williams white julio jones jeffrey kelce thielen ravens maher bench: tevin Coleman, Hines, scantling, burkhead, stafford
  8. Get: Carson, Andrews, conner Give: Mack, Gore, McLaurin Thoughts? .5 ppr my team: Qb wilson Rb henry Rb mack Wr hopkins Wr smithschuster te hockenson Flex mclaurin Chargers Gonzalez bench: Boyd, Sanders, gore, agholor, dorsett
  9. Was up by 6 and my opponent still had Peterson to play. whew....that was close.