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  1. When they're healthy? 0.
  2. No, it can't. Mitchell is a billion times better.
  3. This thread is really upsetting 9-year-old me
  4. That's a Gloom I will not stand for this
  5. Larry Nance Jr. 2018 Outlook

    Oh, I would. He's going to destroy worlds while Thompson is out. Even the Cavs have no reason not to give him big minutes.
  6. It's possible. He's stopped shooting terribly from the field. He's still only 22, so if you have someone to cut he has a much better chance of paying dividends than some loser like Alec Burks. With how hot he's been of late, his seasonlong numbers aren't even that bad anymore.
  7. Tomas Satoransky 2018-19 Season Outlook

    He started. So did Rivers, weirdly, with Beal, Porter and Bryant. Pacers aren't some super small team.
  8. Tomas Satoransky 2018-19 Season Outlook

    It's situational. You're obviously playing in H2H. I have Wall in a roto league and Satoransky is a no-brainer add. I understand that he's not worth adding in all formats, but I'm also starting him tonight, and I'd advise anyone that has him to do so. His per-36s are better than Wall's. Wall is getting 34 mpg. Now, tonight is a tough matchup against Indy, so some trepidation is warranted. But if he takes Wall's minutes (not unreasonable; that's one major player gone from the rotation, Sato will start, and he got 38 minutes the last game Wall missed) you're probably looking at about 11-4-6, a three, and 2 stocks, PLUS 49% shooting, and a little over a turnover. His FT% looks unsustainable, but even last year when he was shooting 78% from the line, he had better per-36s than Wall does this year lol. He's very valuable as a guy that not only gets you assists, but unlike a bunch of other trash low-end PGs, not only doesn't he hurt you in efficiency cats, he actually helps you.
  9. Suns want the pick imo. Fultz has value too if Phoenix has any faith in him. This is the same situation as Cleveland dumping George Hill. Valid point about the rebuild needing a PG but, again, Rondo is much more valuable to LA than Ariza. No way the Lakers give up Rondo and a pick for a return like that.
  10. Rondo is worthless to Phoenix, they're not winning anything this year and have no delusions about it. By the time Phoenix can even potentially compete for a spot, he'd be washed. Besides, he holds very real value to LA, he's better than Ariza especially in the playoffs. That isn't the trade. They want KCP because he's like 25 or they want a third team included.
  11. The Chicago Bears have a good defense.