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  1. But I thought Pat Valaika was the shortstop of the future and Trevor Story was a AA talent?
  2. He'll get 12 carries for 8 yards next week and I'll die laughing
  3. Zeke came off limping after a 2nd down, came back in to pick up a 4th and then limped off again
  4. "Marlon Mack is a JAG" - people that spent a bunch of FAAB on Hines 2 months ago
  5. Stop fishing for likes, I already put a bow on the discussion.
  6. I think he'll probably man the point for them the rest of the year out of necessity, unless they make more moves. I'd be shocked if he's their starting 1 next season.
  7. Irrelevant. How are things like these considered talking points? Averages are all that matters. He plays well off-ball. Doesn't matter what he likes. And he's nowhere near good enough of a passer to be an effective starting point guard. He can play it, but he's best used as a scoring combo off the bench like I said. All of that is irrelevant anyway though. Dude said he could be their PG of the future. He's not anybody's anything of the future, he's not good enough. This is the Oubre thread though.
  8. Ngl that's a pretty trash comp, they may both be white but Huerter is actually pretty athletic, for starters.
  9. What are you talking about? I don't have a 30+ minute games category so that's irrelevant. His minutes obviously go up slightly but he won't average 30 when everyone is healthy and that's what matters.
  10. Yeah there's a nonzero chance he starts getting 30 mpg depending on what their rotations look like, I'd stash him in case he pays massive dividends.
  11. Depends on your needs, all very different players. My money would be on Prince for overall roto value.
  12. Rivers is more 2 than 1 and he's a bench tier player anyway. What future? In the Suns's best case scenario, he'll still be declining by the time they're good.
  13. If they id Josh Jackson as sunk cost, which they should imo, then it also makes sense and gives them another forward they can build around. Draft a PG and you have a lineup, flesh out the bench and you have a team.
  14. He's not really a point but he's probably better suited to play there than anyone on their roster. If you're punting free throws (career 64% shooter) keep an eye on him. I don't see him carving out fantasy value for my team though because he'll kill you there.