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  1. I mean, I suppose that's your opinion, but they aren't bogus settings, they're what Yahoo! leagues use by default. The ignorance of these posts. How do people still not get this? Of course it's an advantage. It's not an unfair one if every single team in the league can use it.
  2. Understanding ADP is important, obviously. Most years, the last positional player I plan on drafting is someone I know wouldn't get drafted otherwise. This year, it was Tyrell Williams. 🤷 Can't wait til 180 to pick a guy like that, and I'm glad I got him. Most years I'd take a defense 3rd to last, kicker 2nd. This year I didn't.
  3. I'll be taking bets on whether he's called Chris Carson or Alvin Kamara (again) first. Any takers?
  4. Yeah, but, isn't that kind of the more important point? Like sure, having better players on your fantasy team makes your fantasy team better. But if you can't predict who those guys are going to be, that's not helpful. What's helpful is understanding how to get those players, and when/where to allocate value to different positions. And if drafting running backs in the 2nd round correlates strongly with having a championship team, as does having the #1 scoring kicker in fantasy, which one do you think matters more? I can control when I draft someone. I can't control whether my kicker scores points. Historical data shows that while, like, kickers score a fair number of fantasy points, their year-to-year and week-to-week predictability is pretty much null.
  5. As I noted in the Darwin thread, it's very dependent on league format. In a 12- or 10-, you're not adding Johnson and considering starting him in his current role. In deeper leagues? Yes, he does have standalone value. In standard leagues, he really doesn't.
  6. QB: Projections (R2 = .50) were more accurate than expert rankings (R2 = .37) and crowd rankings (R2 = .29) RB: Expert rankings (R2 = .41) were more accurate than projections (R2 = .36) and crowd rankings (R2 = .32) WR: Projections (R2 = .48) were more accurate than expert rankings (R2 = .44) and crowd rankings (R2 = .29) TE: Projections (R2 = .47) were more accurate than expert rankings (R2 = .43) and crowd rankings (R2 = .25) K: Neither expert rankings (R2 = .09) nor crowd rankings (R2 = .03) nor projections (R2 = .02) were accurate, but rankings were more accurate DST: Neither expert rankings (R2 = .22) nor crowd rankings (R2 = .17) nor projections (R2 = .08) were accurate, but rankings were more accurate https://fantasyfootballanalytics.net/2016/04/accuracy-of-rankings-vs-projections.html Sorry that my facts elicited such a disturbing reaction from you. You can try using "Google" in the future.
  7. It clearly isn't, as evidenced by this thread and the Conner thread. Don't drag your dirty laundry from the Ty Johnson thread in here.
  8. I guess with Thompson, as opposed to a lot of these other situations where people are being ridiculous, it is more of a possibility with Thompson. I think that with Williams out / Thompson playing great, Williams is still probably the lead back next week, but he could easily eat into Shady's work, and more if he has a couple of standout games in a row. I still would rather roster guys (Mattison) that have just one hurdle to jump at the moment, rather than two.
  9. Let me just outline this because it seems that people don't really understand how practice time relates to playing on Sunday. W, Th, F are practice days. Y/N is whether or not they practiced. W: Y, Th: Y, F: Y = Playing W: Y, Th: N, = Not Playing W: Y, Th: Y, F: N = Not Playing W: N, Th: Y, F: Y = Playing W: N, Th: N, F: Y = Playing W: N, Th: N, F: N = Not Playing, unless it's one of the many veterans that doesn't practice for maintenance purposes Does that make sense? If you don't practice until Friday, you were probably getting rested or the team was playing it safe, and if you practice early in the week and suddenly can't, you probably had an injury/setback and won't play. You're just sweating over nothing because you're unable to draw any conclusions until a player's status actually changes. Wait until Friday.
  10. Doesn't really matter. Same as I said in the Conner thread. None of this matters. We'll see who practices tomorrow. If they both do? He's useless outside of deep/dynasty leagues. If either doesn't practice tomorrow? He might be worth a spec add, though I'd hesitate on that because if, say, Williams is only out for a week, are you starting Darwin? Right. So next week he's a backup to a backup again, and he's useless.
  11. I'm not owning a handcuff unless they have RB1 ability. Does the Lions handcuff? I doubt it. Does Mattison? Absolutely, and Cook is, you know, made of paper. Johnson is definitely not on that level. This is the same reason that everyone should stop freaking out about Jaylen Samuels. When the Steelers had a good offense last year, he was successful when he got the start. He's not worth anything this year until Conner is actually ruled out.
  12. Your league probably just had weird settings. I think Yahoo! standard locks at game time. I know my league does. ED: The smart move (imo) is to do the opposite. Add a guy like Chark now, and if he sucks, drop him and get someone that's playing Sunday.