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  1. Dropped a teammate of his on a bye to pick him up and hold him in case the trade rumor pans out. It's basically a lotto ticket. If the Pats do get him though...
  2. That Wilson Lockett TD cost me as well. I'm 2-4 despite being the highest scoring team to date. f--- this game sometimes.
  3. It's going to take an injury to clear this backfield up. What a mess...
  4. Based on what he does with his limited touches...
  5. Because fantasy football is serious business.
  6. Anyone know if his tears at the funeral were due to grieving or a result of his back pain?
  7. Well then, seems everyone is on board with him versus the Packers.
  8. Anyone think Johnson might need more than one game off? They are being kinda shy about it seems it might be worse than what is reported. The moment I heard Johnson couldn't sit down I grabbed Edmonds for free.
  9. Why do we feel he isn't elite? He's showing some great speed and a nose for the endzone in limited touches. Maybe not elite but he looks good to the eyes.
  10. Could have been better but he looks better than Gordon who won't be taking the reigns. Why is it always Ekeler with goalline fumbles? Similar play happened last year.
  11. How about when yours go off but theirs go off more? ******** Watson.
  12. Ekeler come on I've seen you fumble before the end zone before... Wtf
  13. Second highest scoring team, going up against the highest scoring team. For the third straight week...