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  1. Just needed one more point from Ertz to make the playoffs. I want to slap Mark Sanchez for essentially giving the game away but then ESPN would do nothing but talk about a bitch getting smacked for weeks on end.
  2. Mark Sanchez has to have nudes of several NFL general managers. There is no other explanation for why he keeps getting on rosters.
  3. If some of you were thinking like me then DJ was supposed to turn it on toward the end of the season with the OC change. Looks like that was wrong. He won't win you the championship. I'd love to see him prove me wrong though and finally be DJ.
  4. What was I thinking trading for him...
  5. Because it's now a league optics, domestic violence, and discipline issue that encompasses more than football?
  6. And lying to the team. Young kid didn't think it would catch up to him or that this could happen. Sucks more for fantasy rosters so I feel for you guys that had him but the kid is a POS. Immediately pulled the race card as if that excuses kicking some chick after pushing her down.
  7. After blowing so many domestic violence issues they are going to throw everything they have at a young Pro-Bowl running back showing zero tolerance in today's climate. Even a baseless allegation from 30 years ago is enough to derail a Supreme Court nomination. Kareem Hunt on video kicking some chick basically buried his whole career.
  8. He isn't playing next year. The question is if he plays again.
  9. Yep, he's doing a great job reinforcing that RB2 rhetoric. U mad?
  10. Nobody knows but Desean being out means you can roll your dice with more confidence. I think Godwin benefits most...
  11. 27 Rush Yds, 2 Rec, 1 Rec Yds New Player Note M. Ingram NO - RB Final (L) 13-10 @ Dal 4.80
  12. That schedule though... worth keeping on the bench at least.
  13. 2.6 points Week 9. 8.6 points week 12. Those are facts. You would think RB2's would produce consistently which brings back the issue of knowing which weeks are going to be the weeks. Please bless us with this info.