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  1. No Tyson, Muskala. Lebron Kuzma at C ? Still loose to Hawks.
  2. Saw film "Widows". Wow, does Viola Davis with that haircut looks like T.Bryant ?
  3. Own him in all my 3 leagues. Droped in one
  4. Hm. From last year look like shoot every game 50% since pickup. That I needed FG%. Drop him just for this game for Okafor. But now..
  5. It's him, fouling out quickly in 2 games, very bad FG%. What happened with him?
  6. Again in a slump. But now without injury. Can't start him while he misses.
  7. 3 years I wanting Will in fantasy. Finally had him in two teams. Was happy about 2 days
  8. What about steals? Only 0.5 for 31 min. Last season 1.1 for 25 min. Before start of season he said that will play defence for getting more minutes on court. Now he has time and not trying D because lot of offence?
  9. What his value in H2H, is he tradeable? On waiver in 16 team. I have punt assist team. Outside top150 9-cat
  10. 1 of 15 .. what?! Yesterday traded for him to raise FG%
  11. Should I bench him in ROTO waiting shooting slamp over? Killing my FG%
  12. At start of season I read article about huge increase pace of game this season almost all teams. Guys like Otto (low metric) slow on court (not sprinting on switching offence/diffence). So it may affect playing time. But than also if he good 3pt% why they not pass if he open.