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  1. Is there any hope here? May be forced to start him with injuries and byes. He wasn't completely taken out of the gameplan with 9 touches and he WAS a quality depth piece before the QB change. (reaching)
  2. If he misses any practice time, I am not expecting Kittle to suit up. Simple. And, tbh, that sounds like he's going to be held out of practice. Another week of spinning the TE wheel. Got lucky so far (Rudolph, Dwelley). Can't go with Dwelley again. He was saved by TDs against a (historically?) terrible defense for the position. So I guess it'll be Ryan Griffin for this week and the next if it comes to that.
  3. Earlier in the season, the few times he was actually thrown crosses (Broncos game), he would drop routine passes. Not super often, but noticeable. And even on the deep catches, it's never only a question of if it was an accurate throw. It's also a question of if he will hold onto it. You saw that early in the last game on his first target. And it happened on his best TD chance this season against the Packers. I may be a little harsh. He does can/does make an assortment of contested catches. But, to me, it feels like the percentages are 50/50 if he will hold onto the ball. I expect to feel more confident when a WR with good hands has an accurate ball hit him.
  4. The real question is what to do with this KC backfield. I have all 3, and picking the 1 or 2 to keep will be tough. McCoy went from healthy scratch and last minute pickup to the lead, Damien was in the lead the last 2 weeks, and Darrell is always seemingly in the no. 2.
  5. They don't use him in the RZ. He's simply a deep threat in this offense, which is stupid. I don't think he's great or anything (his hands are very questionable IMO), but he's on the field so they should use for more than one trick. His scouting report is probably 1 paragraph for the defenses he faces.
  6. Is Darrel Williams the handcuff? Or is it McCoy?
  7. I think the real question is if they want a workhorse or a split backfield. If it's the former, I suspect we're good. If it's the latter, we can point to the fumble as the reason why Williams didn't seize the role. Though I don't see how giving more backs touches will solve the TO issue and it's not like Williams has a history of fumbling. The writing on the wall is still in favor of Williams I guess, but additional smoke (personal? questionable?) is unnerving.
  8. Interesting... He came into the league as a pass-catching TE, but now he's used more as a blocker. He's only in his 2nd year and he's completely revamped his game. Averaged 66 yards and TD a game his senior year at San Diego. So, I guess, there's not nothing here.
  9. Interesting no one's mentioned the fantasy implications of the suspensions on Garrett and the injury Brunett suffered. The Browns are a completely different team now. Without their best defensive player, their starting safety (to go along with a litany of other injuries), and their propensity to get flags, this is not a team that was and should have been more of a run-first, defensive minded unit. That to go along with their complete inability to run in the RZ and Hunt's continued involvement in the offense spells trouble. The schedule is can be viewed as a saving grace. But, unlike Rudolph, Ryan Fitzpatrick is an actual NFL QB and the AZ/BAL matchups will be a shootout. Who knows what happens in Pittsburgh? In my eyes, Chubb is a very safe RB2 with a low ceiling (10is - 15ish pts in half PPR).
  10. Fire up your Dwelleys! Easy matchup, plus Sanders is likely out too. As good a chance as you'll get for a 40 yd, 1 TD day.
  11. Almost certain he's out. A shame. I feel like there were better options last week.
  12. Since the fluke INT against NE, Baker Mayfield's statline: 71/106 (67%), 4 TDs, 0 INTs, 97.6 QBR He's done this against NE (2), BUF (3), and Denver (4). He has PIT (12) 2 of the next 3 weeks, but MIA (19) is in between. And the playoff schedule is sweet with CIN (22), AZ (31), and BAL (20). 4 of his last 6 fantasy matchups are at home, with the away games being in PIT where you shouldn't be starting him and in CIN which is basically a home game (ask Lamar). This is as buy low as it gets. He's showing signs of life and the weapons are still there (Njoku will be back). Probably have 1 more week until everyone eyes that MIA matchup.
  13. If he didn't fumble, there would be clarity. Now, he remains a risky flex play. Will closely watch McCoy's status. If he's active it spells trouble. And even if he's inactive, there could still be trouble. But, as always, the upside is tantalizing...
  14. The amount of delays on Ekeler's expiration date is getting absurd. Every week they say he's a flex. Every week he turns in RB2 output. Where is it? I'm still waiting!
  15. One of the strangest players I've ever seen. He does everything well. A possession WR with good speed to create space and get YAC. A decent vertical threat with the ability to track the ball and/or get a DPI if necessary. And he has solid hands. The only thing is, he's completely allergic to the end zone. CMC is a part of the problem, but the entire problem is a mystery to me.