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  1. Home runs number 19 and 20 tonight. His power has developed nicely.
  2. He’ll have a hard time playing with that giant fork stuck in his back.
  3. He’s still undervalued after all these years and I’ll be heavily targeting him this season. What do you guys think is a fair price for him in a roto auction draft? Who are some good complementary players to build a team with him in auction?
  4. But they can only beat the Pirates, Marlins and White Sox!! (And Indians, and Nats and Twins, and...)
  5. Harvey was projected to have a ceiling of a mid rotation starter, he wound up starting an All Star game. Alonso was a righty college bat with some power but defensively limited to first base. This is a profile that the scouting community hates because it often misses spectacularly. Alonso didn’t flash his 80 raw power until the upper minors and now he’s a 50 homer bat who is going to set the rookie home run record. These are 95th percentile outcomes. Lots of first and second rounders completely miss and don’t even hit the majors. Can’t argue with past history but the players I cited are a recent phenomenon (seems to have happened post- Anderson)
  6. They were discussing this on the Effectively Wild podcast recently. Mets are a very weird organization. They’ve had good success taking middling to non prospects and developing them into 95th percentile stars. Degrom, McNeil, Harvey, Alonso, Lugo. Even Thor is a better outcome then where they first got him as a prospect.And they’ve done it enough times that it shouldn’t be considered “lucky.” This is a very difficult thing for organizations to do. Yet they remain shockingly dysfunctional at the simplest things an organization does. Injury management, roster construction, playing time distribution, public relations, etc.
  7. Watched almost all his games and I agree he's not even passable at 3B. He can't make the routine throw to first base. He is perfectly fine to play in left field and he's actually made some nice plays out there.
  8. Mets are horrible at self-scouting, plain and simple. Conforto, McNeil, Davis, etc. It takes them forever to see what they have. At the same time, you have to give them credit for seeing something in JD and acquiring him for basically nothing, from the Astros of all teams.
  9. As a Mets fan trust me we are fully aware that this team will likely fail in the end. We wouldn’t be Mets fans if we liked things to be nice and easy. But I’d much rather go through life being a happy optimist who is wrong than a miserable pessimist who is right. If the Mets make the playoffs this year, that’s 3 miraculous second half runs in 5 seasons. That’s not too shabby. It’s actually pretty fun to root for the underdog, so no need to feel sorry for us. At the end of day baseball is entertainment and this a likeable, entertaining bunch of guys to root for, despite the frustrating buffoonery of the ownership.
  10. Yes the owners are shi*heads but this is a fun young team with guys who are easy to root for in Alonso, McNeil, Conforto, Jd Davis, Rosario, Degrom, Thor, Stroman. Don’t understand all the unqualified hate. Should be rooting for these guys to stick it to their incompetent ownership like in the Major League movies.
  11. Looks like 20 homers is certainly within reach
  12. Great post. I’ve bookmarked for my draft next year. #3 is spot on. I’m going to finish second in my big money roto auction league with a core of Lillard, Kemba, Stifle, Tobias (and unfortunately Oladipo). First place team featured PG, Beal, Jrue, Hield. Neither of us had a 60 dollar player.
  13. He literally missed one game during the playoffs last year and scoffed at the idea of load management when asked about it this season. That hardly puts him in the same category as AD, Kawhi, etc