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  1. longer consider humphries since desean is back. Concerns about Davis given Titans matchup and game plan vs Barber needing a TD to be valuable since he just doesn't put up enough yards.
  2. I did, so if he sits I'm not gonna get all bent out of shape since he carried me to my first title last year! And yes I would gladly take 20 pts out of him this week.
  3. Bold call. I bet he plays but sits out once comfortably ahead or does some sort of 2:1 series split so he's in for ~65% of snaps.
  4. My league stops pickups after week 14 (long story), so I'm faced with tossing in P. Barber or rolling the dice with TGII. I'm gonna roll the dice rather than settle for Barber's 4-5 pts.
  5. Been rock solid for me all year, 11th in my league's scoring (standard) system and riding with him til the end.
  6. Amusingly, my HS friend's sister married him lol
  7. No, they thought he was 4th, behind Malcolm Brown and Justin Davis. The earlier post that said this is the most fantasy football thing ever was spot on. I'm not writing the guy off because crazier things have happened but tossing out comparisons to Kamara is...stretching. If Gurley sits, I hope he does well for you all though.
  8. He'd at least proven himself in the NFL previously. I didn't say he wasn't startable, but the idea of him being anywhere near Mack is laughable. And I say that having to go against Mack.
  9. Kelly over Mack? I've seen it all now, lol If he plays sure it's a great matchup and he's start worthy in a RB2/Flex spot but this guy was a 4th stringer and it's injuries giving him this shot, let's pump the brakes just a little bit here. Full disclosure I'm a Gurley owner and obviously hope he plays which would render this moot.
  10. Esp w Gordon news, I'd go with Edelman for sure and then of course Samuels as noted, if available at TE slot.
  11. I'd also stick with Dak - at home, Bucs pass D soft as Charmin.
  12. Thoughts on him this week against DAL?
  13. Hadn't thought about this, but makes sense. Still pretty dicey and I'm only rolling with him bc I have no other options at TE.
  14. I hope he gets his life together and finds peace. We'll always remember 2013!