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  1. This gimp couldn't even play one measly half-game during finals week. And to think how happy I was that I got the number one pick so I could take him ...
  2. Yeah, sometimes I feel like it's necessary to stay away from both the top teams' top players (due to load management) and the crummy teams' top players (due to tanking). Who the hell are you supposed to draft? I mean, of course you don't stay totally away -- but I feel your frustration (I have AD -- who is kind of a third issue, trade demands/shutdowns). Aaargh.
  3. I'm not real optimistic about the odds, but I'm rolling him out there anyway. What the hell.
  4. One did in my league. He filled his roster with waiver wire scrubs and they carried him through the first two rounds of the playoffs. He barely squeaked through, but he made it!
  5. A moment of appreciation for Drum ...my most consistent player all season long, beastly almost every game out, won me rebounds by himself many weeks and put up some eye-popping monster lines. Didn't even shoot that badly from the line. A pleasure to have all season long. For all you do big guy ...this Bud's for you 😁
  6. Wow, way to have your worst game since middle school. Adios season
  7. In a weekly league, I'm the seventh seed facing the second seed, and I'm trailing 6-4 after leading all week, but it's close, and I have five guys playing today to his four (woulda had six but Brogdon went down). He's got Embiid going early, which is scary, so I need big games from Drummond and Hield and their homies to pull through and make an unexpected semifinals appearance! My opponent is a good friend, so won't be too sad if I lose -- but it would be nice to make the semis after a pretty snakebitten season (I have AD). Either way, another fun season. Good luck to everyone out there in a tight playoff matchup, may the odds always be in your favor!
  8. That's a shame. Dude was a quiet strength of my squad all season long, with great percentages, 18 points a game, low TOs, and a little bit extra here and there. Not a superstar, but a real solid glue guy. Pourin' one out for ya bro, hope you make it back for at least part of the Bucks playoff run.
  9. At least they let us know ahead of time ...rather than at 4:15 pm right after weekly rosters have locked 😩
  10. How about some love for Kid n' Play here after another solid game
  11. I drafted him early (Yahoo! rankings), got frustrated and impatient and dropped him, tried to snatch him back on the waiver wire but got out-swooped by my good buddy, then saw my friend cut him again RIIIIIIGHT before he accelerated his production, so I swope in again and got my boy back! And guess who we're playing this week (and next) -- my same buddy who dropped Isaac. C'mon dude, get your revenge on the nonbeliever!!!
  12. My squad features Drum, and I'm trying NOT to punt FTs even with him in there ...and doing pretty well, I'm 10-7 in FT%, can't ask for more. His volume is low enough that it's not a killer, plus he's been shooting them better lately. And everything else ....graaaaaaavy
  13. this guy is legit saving my entire wretched season singlehandedly
  14. He's always the Lord of the Boards, but man has he been delivering the STOCKS lately