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  1. will he miss time? me and heat need him to play
  2. will he play tmrw?
  3. where is the INJ tag?
  4. sell high moment?
  5. whats the show you watched? I'm so disappointed on this guy too
  6. why did you say Curry will sit?
  7. anyone knows when the restriction will be lifted?
  8. How can he get SG eligibility? Thought he played SG while Frzier starting...?
  9. How can he get PF eligibility? Don't want him to play PF though
  10. rotomonster3 would you accept Gibson for Favors?
  11. Would you guys use #1 waiver on him
  12. Yahoo season avg. From BBM alphabet is 7 and Draymond is 8
  13. Draymond ranks #10 and Giannis is #8 it depends on how much you want Giannis and if you wanna overpay that much
  14. CP3/Porzingis is carzy man. CP3 alone ranks higher than Giannis that's super lopsided