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  1. Overall, I am pretty happy with his performance this season. However, don't look for things to get better this week, tough match up @denver on a short week
  2. Sold! With that amazing sales pitch, i'd aim higher than RB flex, go straight for Barkley
  3. I did too! I also thought "Please survive!" everytime
  4. Felt clever and started Fant over Henry this week in one league. Glad it didn't cost me the game.
  5. TEN is bottom 10 against TE... will be a great match up, especially since they pretty good on the outside.
  6. Amazing return.... Bummed I didn't start him tonight, but excited for ROS.
  7. I don't know.. that was a one game sample size. Who knows what numbers AB would've put up for the entire season. I think staying in Cincy is best case scenario for this season.
  8. Going by the order you posted, my opinion would probably right in between Engram and Hooper at the current moment if he's healthy. I'm not going to go back and dig it up, but someone toward the beginning of this thread posted a comparison of production of Henry for the targets he's received compared to an average of production for same targets for other top TE's and he had comparable stats to Gronk regarding TD rate and a little less in yards. The problem is that he always gets injured, so all we can do is wait and see if he returns fully healthy and can continue to return that production.
  9. If he can stay healthy, top 5. His heath has always been an issue though, starting to think he's made of glass, but when available he's a beast (e.g. Tyler Eifert 3-5 years ago). I have him in both leagues so I'm crossing my fingers.
  10. This is good stuff - Thank you. Replacing Gurley with Chark in my FLEX with confidence (even if gurley plays)
  11. Seriously I don't get everyone's take on how a trade would be better (fantasy wise) for this season. New team learning new playbook, no QB rapport, and possibly more competition for targets. The best case scenario for him (Fantasy Wise) this season is playing for the Bengals where they will almost always be playing catch up and forcing the ball to him. The Dalton-AJG connection has always been strong. Dalton doesn't have to be a good real football QB to give AJG a gangum of fantasy points because the targets will always be there.
  12. Either you guys are being sarcastic now or you're missing my sarcasm. Look at the post I was responding to 🤣 I do think it's a legit question as to whether we should start him this week given his recent history vs CAR and game in London if you have comparable options with better match-ups this week. However, I'm sure not everyone has the luxury for this question. That tweet about getting him more involved is encouraging though.
  13. Haha I was just responding to the dudes sarcasm with my own... definitely a joke!
  14. Mike Evans will bounce back, I'm just struggling on whether it will happen this week. Has been bad vs panthers in recent games and I'm not sure the game being played in London helps. It is not a true home game.