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  1. Huge fan of Smyly. He's always been a step away, and even if he can't figure it out getting out of the AL East and making Safeco is home park will make last years stats(which weren't that good) a little better. Couldn't go wrong with Shark, but I'd take Smyly for the upside.
  2. Would not do a 1-for-1, and I love Sisco(Orioles fan). Sisco has the benefit of playing in a hitters park, but Alfaro could be a beast. I would see how he values Nick Williams, because if you can sell high on him that could be a plus. He kinda let everyone down last year, as a lot of these Texas Rangers to Phillies prospects have(hopefully not Alfaro though.) Outside of that, its hard for me to recommend a certain deal. Matters what your MLB needs are and what not. I just recommend not doing the 1-for-1 deal.
  3. Absolutely on the first deal. The Arrieta/Polanco deal is a different beast, but I'm taking DeGrom in that deal all day everyday.
  4. "Trade all the pitchers for literally any hitters you can get. Even David Ortiz, just the presence of a retired great hitter is better than any pitcher, including Chris Sale." -Rush
  5. Hello, so my team is garbage and I'm rebuilding. Its a 9-keeper league and I don't really have a competitive group of keepers. I'm in second to last but the last place team doesn't set his lineup so I would still consider my team is the worst. I have Simmons and probably the 2nd overall pick if not the 1st, so I could be good in 2 years. My biggest trade piece is LaMarcus Aldridge so I was thinking of trading him for Kevin Love(who is now injured) and Kristaps Porzingis. This guy is in first place so getting Aldridge to replace a hurt Love should push him over the top. This is the trade I'm thinking of offering I send -LaMarcus Aldridge -Tobias Harris -Evan Fournier for Porzingis and Love. Is this even worth offering or would I get laughed at?
  6. I'm a big Swanson guy but he has more real life value than fantasy. Senzel has the makings of a stud, and should be up next year after the Super-2 deadline. Owings is a fine SS until you can develop or trade for one. Absolutely no to this deal
  7. Agree with Sisco. Although I'm biased being an Orioles fan, I truly believe that BAL knows how to make good hitters. We make up for that by destroying pitchers 1 by 1, but I think Sisco could be a really good fantasy catcher. I've heard he has a good chance to stay at catcher as well, and while he may not be the next Buster Posey I think you wouldn't complain having him on your team.
  8. Since you don't want an outfielder, I'd target Senzel(more than likely won't be there) and Jason Groome. But if those two are taken, I would highly recommend taking Lewis. Senzel is an absolute monster and could be up this year, full time next. Groome is my favorite pitcher and at the very least, he will get an extreme amount of hype being a Red Sox prospect so you could trade him for a bucketload down the line. If you're feeling really lucky, Kevin Maitan would be the guy for you. Too risky for me but he is like Groome in the fact his hype will be astronomical.
  9. Completely agree with DarkKnight, but I take Senzel and Bellinger before Eloy. Eloy is farther from majors meaning more risk, but thats simply my opinion and Eloy is still pretty darn good. I would try to trade Cabrera in a two for one. Miggy and Duffy for an ace? Only reason I picked Cabrera is personally I think you'll do just fine with Davis as your UTIL. That way you don't have to drop anyone. But like DarkKnight said, drop Tapia for one of those three. More than that, I would take Honeywell, Kopech, and even Moniak over Tapia. You're guaranteed one of those 6(Senzel, Eloy, Bellinger, Kopeck, Honeywell, Moniak). Moniak carries a lot of risk but you could hit the motherland with him.
  10. Porzingis is being bothered by an achilles injury and the Knicks have no idea how to use him. Unless its a keeper league I would rather hold onto Horford.
  11. I apologize if this has already been said, but where does this kid rank up against Moncada? Moncada got what, 8x the amount of money? Is Maitan not even comparable to Moncada? Again I'm sorry if its already been said I looked through the whole thing but I probably missed something.
  12. Kyle Lewis 100% over Collins. He is justifiably a top-5 pick. Of the guys you listed, Groome is the only one I would take over Lewis, but high school pitching is a risky way to go.
  13. I agree with nytimes. Bayless will be a starter when he comes back while Nelson and Belinelli have no interest to me. Lamb is intriguing but I'd rather stay put.
  14. League is a 8 keeper league so no matter what, I'll be keeping Bradley Beal or D'Angelo Russell. The league only uses 5 categories(pts, rbs, assts, blks, stls) and I'm really hurting for assists. I'm an idiot who didn't draft a single point guard so trading one of my many shooting guards for a good, young, developing PG sounds like a slam dunk. Just wanted to ask am I giving up too much with Beal? He's been red hot lately but for his whole career he does nothing but score, which hurts since I need to round out the other 5 categories and already have high-scoring one dimensional players(Wiggins, LaVine). Just wanted some advice if this is a decent deal
  15. If Golden State is still available, I'd love to take it.