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  1. Looking for a free startup dynasty. When it comes to minor league spots the more the merrier but willing to do any scoring types email at if you have one for me
  2. I'll take Bronx Bombers if they're still available.
  3. I definitely do this deal. Hiura is a solid prospect, while I'm also a big fan of Willie Calhoun even with last year not being ideal. Greene is icing on the cake. I understand TJ is still a big deal but if he's the 3rd best prospect in a deal for Price, even with Anderson involved, thats a terrific return.
  4. 20 team league, 7x7 most categories. A guy was looking for a 3B, and since I have Bregman and Scott Kingery, I offered him Brian Anderson for Jon Gray straight up. He declined and said he would do Brian Anderson and Corey Ray for Jon Gray. What do you all think? I have a lot of hesitation since Ray was my 4th overall pick last year and it looks like he’s getting a lot better, but I’m tired of trying to build thru the draft and Gray would be a solid #2/#3 starter on my team next year. Do you guys see Gray getting better by next year? Is he worth the cost of Ray and Anderson?
  5. I apologize if this has already been said, but where does this kid rank up against Moncada? Moncada got what, 8x the amount of money? Is Maitan not even comparable to Moncada? Again I'm sorry if its already been said I looked through the whole thing but I probably missed something.