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  1. I was just told DeAndre Hopkins (ankle) is still going to play. He was not out on the field for the entire pregame workout. 12:42 PM · Dec 23, 2018 · Twitter for iPhone
  2. NFL Network reporter states that Hopkins has not came out of the locker room yet, while team is on the field.
  3. The guy I’m facing is going with both of the mentioned Williams as of now.
  4. They haven’t scored a TD since week 1 on defense! This is their best scoring game all season for their defense... Santa is real!
  5. Since Keke and Miller were ruled out and Hopkins was not I think we are in the clear with Hopkins this week.
  6. bruhhhh... Sweet prince? Rest up big fella is more like it.
  7. I think it is nothing to worry about, read below. They need this win! The Patriots' loss Sunday elevated the Texans into sole possession of the No. 2 spot, putting them in range of the first playoff bye in franchise history. One minor obstacle: They have yet to clinch a postseason berth, let alone the AFC South. That could come in Week 16. The Texans could clinch the playoffs with a win or a loss by the Ravens or Steelers, the AFC South with a win and losses by the Titans and Colts, and a first-round bye with a win and a Patriots loss
  8. DeAndre Hopkins (ankle) is questionable for Week 16 against the Eagles. Source: Houston Texans PR on Twitter Dec 21 - 3:20 PM
  9. I thought it was so BIZARRE that it happened! Calm yourself.
  10. I was joking around with this game called FANTASY football! Your reality must be very mundane if you are getting this offended over a JOKE my man.