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  1. It's a 16-team league and centers are scarce so they have more value. I am punting 3, but Danny's stocks are valuable to me
  2. When it's Darren Collison? And would you prefer just Rondo for Zeller or this 2 for 2 trade?
  3. I'd take a chance on RHJ, he was beasting last year and now he'll have a chance to do it again with LeVert out
  4. How big is your league? In a shallow league, Harden's side definitely, otherwise I'd consider the second side
  5. Maybe Gay but I'd rather trade 2 players for 1 and then picked Shai. If you can't Gay is your guy to drop
  6. I'd keep Kemba and DLo as well, agreed with everything Fantasyscrub said
  7. I'd definitely drop Nance for Kyle Anderson. He seems to be picking it up a notch and is worth rostering while Nance isn't playing well despite Dekker's injury
  8. I would keep Saric and Rubio as well, you'd be buying Brook high and selling Rubio low