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  1. Open Team 1 is a fixer-upper with great appeal. Has the #1 pick.Finished last more due to negligent GM than lack of talent. Needs maybe a half-dozen upgrades and you are looking at a very competitive team. Farm system is fairly weak by league standards but this team has 6 picks in our 4 round entry draft so the new GM will be able to step right in and solidify that. Roster: Open Team 2 is a contender right now. Finished 2nd last season. Solid all-around team, no weaknesses. Has 4 picks in this entry draft. Roster: We draft in early July. Trading is open year-round so you can get to work as soon as you are ready. Email me at if you are interested in one of these opportunities.
  2. Open Teams 1 and 2 still available. Slow drafts begin in June, after the NHL Entry Draft. Trading open year round, lots of offseason action.
  3. All 3 teams are still available. Diligent managers who are not risk-averse thrive in our setup. Others do not. Email me at if you are interested in playing in a well-run league that offers a worthwhile challenge.
  4. Our excellent FREE 10-team dynasty league on Fantrax has experienced some attrition. Three teams are open for new GMs in the 2019-20 season. We are entering our 8th season of play. Each team keeps 26 active roster players and 18 prospects on a minors bench. We have two slow drafts this summer to add prospects and veterans. Scoring is H2H multi-cat points. Six teams make the playoffs. Our league is well-balanced as 3 different teams have won the title the past 3 seasons. This is not a league for beginners, try-outs or casual players. Dynasty and prospect experience required. This is a mature bunch of highly competitive individuals who have been battling each other for years. Friends and foes. First year players are rarely successful, so the prospective GM needs to be the sort who is prepared for a long-term challenge. You should be a stats man and prospects scout. Our GM Code of Conduct is strictly enforced and these standards will require the prospective GM to be diligent and reliable. You will have to work your team every day to maintain competitiveness. There are no weak teams and absentee GMs to be brushed lightly aside. Three teams are available. Open Team 2 finished 2nd in our playoffs. This team is solid and will only require some tweaks and reliable management to be a contender. Open Teams 1 and 3 finished at the bottom and have the #1 and #2 picks in our drafts as a result. These teams are ideal for the type of GM who likes to rebuild a team with his own philosophy. Start off by adding Hughes or Kakko as your franchise's new stud. Regardless of which team you lead, trading will be necessary to maintain and increase competitiveness. Some help comes through the draft each fall but the majority of moves you make to improve your team will come via trade. The teams that finish at the top of the table are almost always the ones who do the most trades. If you do not like to trade this is not the league for you. Constant attention and acquisitiveness will be necessary. This league is not for those who want to take over a team and mail it in all year to get better draft picks, a practice known in Quebec as Le Tank. Your first year you will be scrutinized by our Board of Commissioners who will decide if you have what it takes to become a partner in our league. Following our GM Code of Conduct and engaging your squad daily is what we look for. The Teams Open Team 1, finished 10th, has #1 draft pick: Open Team 2, finished 2nd, has #9 draft pick: Open Team 3, finished 9th, has #2 draft pick: Please email me directly at if you would like to apply for membership in our league. It is a great group of mature, intelligent and reliable men who play the game well and enjoy the competition. If you are a serious player who wants to play in a league that offers a challenge and intense but friendly rivalry, and is well-run by a group of organized veterans who founded the league 8 years ago, please check in.
  5. Just dumped a negligent, passive GM who styled himself a "rebuilder." We have a great competitive fun league here but its not for everyone. Neither is the team. It has great young pieces to build around, Point, Barzal, Chabot to name a few. Also has solid Gs. But its in last place. We need someone who doesnt just talk a big game about how they do turnarounds. We are tired of passive people who climb into their bunkers and commence tanking without any trading or pickups. If you like to trade, this is the league for you. If you dont do much trading, this isnt for you. Here's the team: Email me directly, if you are interested.