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  1. Just dumped a negligent, passive GM who styled himself a "rebuilder." We have a great competitive fun league here but its not for everyone. Neither is the team. It has great young pieces to build around, Point, Barzal, Chabot to name a few. Also has solid Gs. But its in last place. We need someone who doesnt just talk a big game about how they do turnarounds. We are tired of passive people who climb into their bunkers and commence tanking without any trading or pickups. If you like to trade, this is the league for you. If you dont do much trading, this isnt for you. Here's the team: Email me directly, if you are interested.
  2. Good team that has been neglected into the basement. Multi-cat points scoring. Email me at if interested.
  3. Team 2 is open. McDavid, Matthews, Price and #2 pick in the drafts. This is a good team, I need a pro to run it. If you are mature and reliable, know prospects and aggressively and relentlessly build your team via trades, you will do well here. Email me directly:
  4. Team 1 is Open. Please email me directly:
  5. Greetings, We have 4 teams available this year. The league just moved to Fantrax from ESPN, this is our 6th season overall. We prefer to have mature, reliable people in our league who know prospects thoroughly. We are a highly competitive group and 6 out of 10 teams make the playoffs. Our format is H2H multi-cat points. Team 1: Team 2: Team 3: Team 4: If you are interested in joining our league and taking over one of these teams, please email me directly at