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  1. please come back, my roster is desperate for you to be active.
  2. Yeah, as a suffering Giants fan it's been hard to see the QB position just brutalized by defenses the last five years or so
  3. been that way for years. Eli wasn't half as bad as the OL made him look.
  4. this was the week I finally dropped Darnold from my bench and he is currently outscoring Winston by like 12 points. FF sucks royally.
  5. I need a league that awards points for TD celebrations
  6. Golden tate will get all the targets they say.... I hate FF
  7. Seahawks being jerks about whether he will play or not leaving me with few MNF FA options if he does not go. Might have to pick up a Sunday player or hope I am winning before Monday.
  8. Looking at my roster and point totals in 1/2 PPR. Will fuller still has more points than Juju and hasn't suited up in Weeks. AJ Brown has 5 points less and I picked him off the scrap pile for free a few weeks back as opposed to a round 2 pick. Once again he is being ranked in the teens for the week by nearly every "expert" out there. Feels like they just don't look at reality, are too lazy to change their lists or they feel like Charlie Brown and trusting Lucy that this time it will be different. I just don't think I can start him this week. I'd be less frustrated by seeing points on the bench from him, than watching any other WR on my roster rack them up down there if another dud happens after I start him.
  9. hate that it is a Monday game. Have to make a snap decision on Sunday before we have all the data.
  10. You can take the QB out of NC State, but you'll never take NC State out of the QB.
  11. Just hope Slayton doesn't vulture all the TDs again.
  12. Clearly I revealed too much info with my last post. I will answer with one word only: yes.