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  1. It's a good thing I didn't need his points. I never know when to start him.
  2. so looks like there is a chance I might be back to streaming. not a good time of the season for it.
  3. If Davis is available, might be a good pickup. I snagged him last week just because he was there and I had nothing better to do.
  4. I hope Eli lights it up. just to prove a point.
  5. He has had six game with single digits scores, six with double digits (three over 20 in 1/2 ppr.) I'd say he is great for a waiver pickup, but you for sure can say you picked all the wrong weeks to play him. Basically been a coin flip whether or not you were happy or not in any given week.
  6. Texans have been given like 900 gift penalties on this drive and still can't shut it down. If I can't get Fuller points, I need Edelman to stay shut down. FML
  7. Stills, after the magic 8 ball that determines if a catch is a catch in the NFL called Fuller's back.
  8. I would like Fuller to score many Touchdowns. I'd like to say my entire season doesn't depend on it.. but it's kind of looking that way.
  9. WInston had nothing to do with the game in hand. He needs to be desperately trying to catch up.
  10. Yeah, I knew that going in. There is usually a 1:1 ration of TDs: turnovers. This week they didn't need him to do anything.
  11. In a win to get in the playoffs game CMC records his second worse score of the season can't score from the 1 yard line, Chark gets ignored most of the game, Winston doesn't need to throw TDs at all but still takes the time to turn it over, Fournette isn't given the chance to punch in a one yarder, and Tannehill threw TDs to players I never heard of rather than AJ Brown. FF sucks
  12. Was like the jacksonville game. I had Fournette and CMC , and couldn't manage a TD from the 1 yard line in either.
  13. SO winston got a turnover out of the way, does that mean he can throw TDs now?
  14. CMC getting quadruple teamed or something? hurt?
  15. I have to start, injuries are forcing my hand. Hoping he can defy the odds.
  16. Hate this matchup, but due to injuries don't have many other options. Hopefully someone will get healthy.
  17. In my league Winston is top 10 in: points, thrown yards, rushing yards, TDs, 2 PTs, INTs, and Fumbles lost.
  18. I have him in my lineup right now, but fear I might be point chasing a bit.
  19. Bad news: I started Gordon over AJ brown. Good news: I started Fournette (and CMC and Winston and have a 60 point lead). I will undoubtedly chase AJ's points next week to little success.