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  1. I might have to drop with this being the first week of play offs and my team is already beat up as it is. What a bust this year.
  2. Urrrgh. What a nerve-racking experience for me this year. Guess I'll hold for now. oy.
  3. I might have to drop soon and stream that spot another major blow to my team.
  4. Good post. The bottom line is Okafor needs to produce, but in order to do so, he needs the quality minutes. If we see more DNP and limited minutes, I will start to think there's something else going on behind the scenes. I said this earlier, but Okafor would've logged the minutes in Philly if the staff thought he could produce.
  5. I'll give it another week before I prepare my eulogy for the Okafor Truthers.
  6. And to think there are a few that dropped Jonas for this guy. L.O.L.
  7. Lets set a mark at 15 minutes for Thursday. Over or under?
  8. It's early, but the Okafor Truthers are starting to sweat a little.
  9. Still available in my league. Any rationale BK fans out there willing to share their thoughts on the fit and scheme? The Okafor Truthers are throwing out lofty stat lines, and it doesn't sound realistic unless he gets significant minutes.
  10. Still avail in our league and 3.2% owned per ESPN...I'm interested to see the surge and I'm intrigued overall, but expectations are too high right now. 20 and 8 is AWFULLY high, I would have played along if you said 10, 10 and a block. If Brett thought he would be useful then he would've played, but he didn't. Even Greg Monroe managed to carve out minutes at Milwaukee when he was redundant over there.
  11. I'm in a 10 team league and a competitive one too. He needs the minutes to be an effective fantasy player. Is he going start from day one? Doubtful. How will the minutes be distributed between Zeller, Allen, and Okafor? I don't know, let's wait and see! It looks like a lot of you guys have expendable pieces to make the gamble, but I'm not dropping Jonas for Okafor, thats a knee jerk reaction.
  12. From one bloated front court to another. I'm going to join the "wait and see camp." He would need to play 20 minutes at minimum to even consider a pick up.
  13. I'm sitting at 5-2 and second place in our league. My two losses came down the wire in the TOs and steals category. I expect my team to only get better, assuming everyone stays healthy. BIG IF though.