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  1. QB-Brady RB-Mccoy, Peterson, Ingram, Rodgers, Rawls WR-Beckham,Allen, Desean, Smokey, Doctson (This is a keeper league. Rodgers is the only player in the trade who can be kept for what its worth)
  2. QB-Brees RB-Zeke,Lynch,Gurley,Martin,CJ Anderson WR-AB,Sanders,Meredith,White,Ty Williams PPR- trade my Zeke for his Keenan Allen and Jaquizz rodgers? Gets me a true WR 2 but unfortunately my RB situation is filled with ? So do I keep Zeke or make the trade
  3. Is there a way to set up a private mock? I,mean ill have trouble finding 12 guys but this could be a start
  4. I've started do a few on,sleeperbot. I have liked that the best. Get SOOOOO sick,of,ppl trolling and quitting,on,espn
  5. In that case id prob go gore. He has the job for atleast this year. Win now. Figure out next year next year. Then hope to,get atleast one,of,the cuffs
  6. I'd take gore. Still setviceable this year if needed and draft mack later. So in your in between rounds you can get all the other positions then 2 of last 4 rounds get mack and,williams
  7. Thanks for the help. I had been leaning marshawn for the last month. Then read an article about TY packing on the pounds and he just seems ready for the role. Plus being a keep forever if he can really handle the role then hes a solid,option for a couple years.
  8. Keep one no penalty
  9. How does it work for re draft. Will he lose his "can't drop" designation or does he have to ve a bench rider the rest of the way
  10. Whir if leave link
  11. Kluber Dozier Reed For Duvall Miggy Quintana Sending,from,mobile so no roster but I'm looking,to,improve OF. My SP is middle,of the road but I'm,a daily streamer in a 12 start league. Is this worth taking? Current OF is pollock, jd mart, trumbo stream, stream
  12. What to do what to do. This is getting VERY old
  13. Perfect comparison
  14. Dude Same Dilemma. I Dropped a Streaming Pitcher to pick up Happ if Conforto sits vs the lefty tonight I think I will cut bait.