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  1. Would Gerardo parra be a good fit where Colorado is going to be overwhelmed with getting guys playing time?
  2. Hold or drop for one of the following Joe Ross Francisco Liriano Matt Shoemaker Robert Gsellman Chris Tillman-no dl Jered Eickoff Brandon McCarthey
  3. Espn Head to Head Points League- Standard Scoring system Have been offered Matt Carpenter, Carlos Gonzalez and Nick Castellanos In exchange for Robinson Cano and Nomar Mazara Roster C- D'arnaud 1b Edwin 2b Altuve 3b Frazier/Solarte SS Tulo CI Moreland MI Cano OF Pollock, Trumbo, Schwarber, Mazara, Haniger
  4. I would have no problem dropping belt for gomez. I do like Gomez alot this year. If Gomez sputters and Belt gets scooped Mitch Moreland could put up nearly the same line as belt
  5. I would take the chance with wacha he is still only 25 and has proven he can actually do it already
  6. I have Musgrove roster ed over Wheeler now.
  7. It is head to head points. Standard espn set 1 for in 1 for k 5 for win -5 for loss -2 for er 5 saves -1 for bb -1 hit Hitting is total bases 1 pt each rbi+1 run +1 walk +1 k -1 Of all the guys you mentioned Mazara has the highest own percentage at 57%... the rest are all below 50 percent owned
  8. GOMEZ for me
  9. Should really try to get springer and odor both involved in this
  10. Pereza for playing time and flexibility
  11. C Gattis 1b EE 2b Altuve 3b Frazier SS Tulo 1b/3b A Gon 2b/SS Cano OF 1 Pollock OF 2 Trumbo OF 3 Schwarber OF 4 Gomez OF 5 Tomas UTL Healy/ Haniger DL JD Martinez SP- Kluber, Strasburg, Maeda, Mccullers, Velasquez, Cotton, Musgrove RP- Bedrosian, Treinan, Rodney New to points Im not sure how I feel about having 3 big whiff guys in Frazier, Tulo and Trumbo... Is there anywhere I should try to improve FA pitchers- Wacha, Lynn, Cobb, Wainwright, Gsellman, Wheeler , E Rod, Liriano, snell FA Hitters- Gregorius, asdrubal cabrera, drury, prado, solarte, Kepler, Kiermier, Renfroe, Judge, Mazara, Holliday, Dickerson
  12. Should I stick with him as my last OF or grab off the waiver someone like, Brandon Drury, Brandon Moss, Domingo Santana, Michael Saunders, Matt Holliday. He had a good year last year but all these guys will prob hit higher in the lineup. So is it Tomas, One of these guys or someone I may be forgetting
  13. thanks for all the opinions. If I go down I'm going swinging with the stud that is AP!!!!!
  14. I liek Jackson he is playing well. Thanks for mine
  15. I liek Monty and Thomas thanks for mine