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  1. Has Tannehill ever sustained a legit WR1 before?
  2. They're winning with Allen. They weren't, for a long while, with Cam. Why change it? There really isn't much more to it than that is there? Allen might only be a game manager type QB, but he's managing W's right now.
  3. Dalton gonna Dalt. O-Line might as well be cardboard cutouts of Disney characters for all the good they do. New coach seems like a clueless, deluded wet wipe. D is a clock management black hole due to how easy it is to run against them. I own far too many Bengals in a Dynasty league. Have to hope for something from them next season cos they aren't worth s--- right now.
  4. Whilst I don't want to subscribe to recency bias, by fading the importance of his current form you potentially open yourself to picking players based on former, and maybe not to be seen again, glories. He's an irritating player to own, that's for sure.
  5. It's less that Washington is unavailable and more that Donte Moncrief might return to the active roster.
  6. That block on the runner who came right up the gut was magnificent. Gives the coach every reason to keep him the field, saved a certain sack.
  7. Just looking at the drafts I've done, there are as many RB's who haven't performed as there are WR's. You pick the players you like most at each stage, some hit, some miss. For every underperforming Hopkins you managed to avoid, there's a James Conner who you'd potentially pickup instead.
  8. Yup. Ride till the end. I believe in you Nuk
  9. I have him in Dynasty and I don't think there is any feasible combination of players or future picks that would tempt me. This 'rough' spell is still harvesting 300+ yard and no INT games with half fit/available receiving corps.
  10. Chris Harris Marlon Humphrey Sherman has been top notch so far this season as well.
  11. Well yeah. That's why they were drafted notably higher than him.
  12. Wonder who they draft next year to be the lead guy 🤔
  13. Dynasty league. Lamar Jackson and 2020 late 3rd rounder for George Kittle and 2020 1st rounder (probably top 6, potentially 1st overall). Thoughts?
  14. 11 ahead with Juju, Boyd, Conner and Mixon up against Diontae Johnson. It'd be some sort of catastrophe to lose from here.