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  1. Early 2018 Top 20 Rankings

    Feel free to take Watson in the first or second round. Even in my league with a vastly increased QB scoring system, I won't be. I got Antonio Brown in the first round, Gurley in the 2nd and Hunt in the 3rd. No QB can offer the value those 3 have. Next year I'll be looking for the same value. And I'll stream Watson, Cousins and Bortles (or similar depending on matchups) again. Unless it's 2 QB, I'm not taking one before round 5 earliest, as usual.
  2. Steal Of Your Draft And The Result

    Wasn't me, but the Jags D in the 14th can't be ignored.
  3. Of course there's logic. It absolutely baits my opponent. I would still have beaten last weeks semi finalist if I'd started only 3 players, his team s--- the bed so bad, and to be honest, I wish I had been able to. Imagine the indignity of losing to a half empty roster by your opponents own design in such an important match. The shame! That's what I play this game for, the glory and the shame. Does my team gain anything from my decision? No it doesn't. Who needs sense when you've got conviction. That's what America was all about in 2017 right?
  4. Yes, I'm aware of that dude. It changes nothing.
  5. QB - Blake Bortles RB - Todd Gurley RB - Kareem Hunt WR - Antonio Brown WR - either Keelan Cole - Martavis Bryant - Larry Fitzgerald TE - Delanie Walker FLX - one of those left out receiver or Joe Mixon - Kerwyn Williams - Theo Riddick K - Gostkowski D - Ravens I'll be keeping Brown in my lineup until just before the Steelers game kicks off. If it looks like I need the points, I'll put Alshon Jeffrey in who plays Tuesday. Otherwise, I'll be playing AB. He deserves to play in this final.
  6. Todd Gurley 2017 Season Outlook

    Drafted him last year, drafted him this year. Talent is talent. It always rises in the end.
  7. Alshon Jeffrey 2017 Outlook

    I'll be starting him. He's a threat and he's safe to throw the ball to because of his size and how high you can hang it up for him.
  8. Adam Thielen 2017 Season Outlook

    Guys just absolute gold, fantasy wise and for his team. Hard not to like him and his story.
  9. JuJu Smith-Schuster 2017 Outlook

    Burfict wasn't hurt at all. He was faking.
  10. Kirk Cousins 2017 Outlook

    He's been missing most of his Oline for a while. Nothing is drastically different.
  11. Kirk Cousins 2017 Outlook

    Guy is getting paid in the off season. Would love to see the Steelers swoop in and replace Ben with him. Delighted to see him dropped to the waiver after his Seattle showing, which if you watched, you'll have seen that he actually played really well, just didn't get the fantasy points that day. The perfect guy to replace Watson.
  12. Derrick Henry 2017 Outlook

    Don't really understand why people are so mad for. He was drafted as a handcuff and he's had occasional flex value on the odd week. Murray has been stubborn, as have the coaching staff, but it's been quite clear what Henry is virtually all season, a second choice (at the moment) in a time share. Anyone starting him expecting real numbers is a bit delusional. I think he's a good player and it's frustrating he isn't being given more work, but still, nobody in the Titans organisation ever came out and told us Henry is getting 20 carries a week.
  13. Antonio Brown 2017 Season Outlook

    Juju be drawing some of that higher level coverage now. AB will eat.
  14. Alshon Jeffrey 2017 Outlook

    Number 5 receiver in standard. WR is horrible this year. I'll keep him around, high scoring offense means a higher chance of putting up point's, even if that's attached to a smaller chance of it being him thrown the ball.
  15. Adrian Peterson 2017 Season Outlook

    People talking about the short week affecting Peterson need to remember that the Seattle D is also on a short week, coming off a pretty brutal game against the Skins. Whatever energy AD expelled Sunday will be comparable to that of the Seattle D.