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  1. Welcome and thanks for the interest. We're starting a new "very deep" dynasty league with action year round! We currently have a solid core of 13 owners that have played together for years. We're looking for 1-3 additional owners to make a 14 or 16 team league. This league is for the serious player and you need to be active and know baseball inside & out. This is a very deep league with 60+ minor leaguers. We'll also have a mini rule 5 type draft during the winter after year one. You can also make moves throughout the winter months. This will keep us active during that boring winter off-season. Entry fee is $225 for year one and $200 each year after. We'll play H2H with 6x6 or 7x7 scoring. This is a full keeper league! We'll have one, very large and long draft the first year. All following years will have a mini first year player & new international signing draft (6-8 rounds). Prize money is high for the top teams. We'll use league safe and the CBS system. We're looking to get this going as soon as CBS opens the 2019 season (Hopefully within the next 2 weeks. The draft will be long and SLOW (we all have jobs and families). Best guess is the first draft will take 3 weeks and we'll draft each day with the understanding we'll slow down from 10pm-7am. I've been running leagues for years and we have a great bunch of guys to get this rolling. If you're serious and interested, please send me an email. I'll ask a few questions and if we're a good fit I'll send you the full set of rules Feel free to ask questions Thanks Russ.bartels@yahoo.com
  2. We have two openings in a friendly 16 team dynasty league. $85 league fee - CBS & League safe systems Contact me if interested for further details russ.bartels@yahoo.com
  3. We're in the process of setting up a high$ H2H 7x7 very deep (16-20 teams) dynasty league. Teams will be tied to an MLB franchise. You'll select up to 30 players to start and will have the right to all future first year player signings, along with any international signings by your franchise. Twenty starting players, twenty bench players and farm system up to sixty players. We will use the CBS & League safe systems This league is for strong knowledgeable owners. If you don't follow minor league systems, you should not respond. We are only looking for quality diehard players willing to play 10-11 months out of the year (waiver pick ups, trades and a rule 5 draft during the off season). Draft will be a slow no clock on-line process that will begin once CBS opens their 2019 season. Our league set-up draft will take time so be prepared. All future drafts will be a short 6-8 rounds. Please respond if interested (looking for 8 owners). Provide a brief detail bio and fantasy experience. We will provide you with the league details (rules). Thanks russ.bartels@yahoo.com