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  1. Probably shouldn't go around touching kids anyway, mate..
  2. Big talk everywhere from the organisation - but i do wonder, what about the Lakers small ball lineup with LNJ and Randle at the 4/5 - will the Lakers stay traditional and play a big 5, or smaller and more agile?
  3. Today should give us an indication of how his minutes and production will look moving forward, all Mavs guards available to play, although, JJ Barea on a minutes restriction.
  4. One of them has been decent so far this half..
  5. His numbers across the board look pretty good, i just wish he shot 3's!
  6. Has Holmes played the 4 and 5, or just the 5?
  7. Starting tonight v Brooklyn!
  8. AC question - but i'll reply anyway, Chandler is probably not worth the hold if the youth movement stays in place (which it should, as the Suns have nothing to play for), so if you can get either Len or Williams, you should. Not sure which one will be better - but if the 2 game sample is anything to go by, its Williams.
  9. He can ball - can create off the dribble, good positioning for offensive rebounds, and has some highlight reel blocks too. Has a funny looking jumpshot, but can hit the midrange, wiki says he worked hard on his 3's in college and has that in his arsenal too. I've added in a 12 team league, but will keep an eye on Alan Williams (Suns) too!
  10. Looking good out there!
  11. You should buy a lottery ticket, his move to the starting lineup with 35 mins to his name and Chandler receiving a DNP-CD after not being traded is insanely lucky! He didn't produce much in that time- but the minutes are there!
  12. The minutes will definitely be there and the shots too - it's whether or not he has anything else to his game. I'm in. We'll find out shortly!
  13. I'm personally going to wait until the trade deadline. Yogi is the spark The Mavs need - if however, no guards leave/get shutdown - he won't exceed 20 mins ROS.
  14. I think he might, but not until they get some shooting into the team, i.e TRoss.
  15. This is most disappointing.