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  1. Funny you mention Mirotic - i traded him for Collins.. The thing with LNJ’s value is, it’s possibly at its peak right now - so the trades you can get today, will be better than ones you receive later this week as TT could very well tank his value starting this wednesday. If i remember correctly Drew is on record as saying the starting C position would be matchup based - and this week the Cavs verse Whiteside, Gobert and Anthony Davis.. so if TT is fit, i imagine he starts against the bigger C’s.
  2. A lot of differing opinions on what is going to happen here.. i am very torn - i have an offer on the table of LNJ + Knox for Winslow + Jarrett Allen, which i am very tempted to take.. but the upside of LNJ is huge and with 96 minutes to go around the PF/C roles between him, KLove and TT - is 26-30 mins really out of the question?
  3. I agree - he’s in a situation that has potential to make anyone who can dump 3’s and finish at the rim very fantasy relevant. This however is going to come down to minutes - does he slot straight into CP3’s allocated lot or? I can’t decide whether to take the plunge now, or risk someone else scooping him up while i contemplate..
  4. So difficult to make a decision here with regards to picking him up or waiting - namely: a) How long is Bradley out for? b ) Who is running the point, him or Pat Bev? c) Can he shoot 3's?! as a Pat Bev owner, and Pat Bev being the only person i can drop - i'll be watching this game closely!
  5. Anyone considering Shelvin Mack moving forward?
  6. very sorry to hear! Nothing you can do but laugh, really - what were the chances after 2 games (one that he couldnt score in) of 17 mins or under, not due to foul trouble - he would show up like this vs Deandre Jordan? 34 mins, 13/10/3/3/1 - crazy stuff!
  7. Cheer up, I drafted Bjelica and cut him before the season began for Poeltl, i also picked up Robinson at the beginning of this week, but dropped him just before tip-off after i saw twitter go insane because Boban was starting.. You win some, you lose some - it’s a bad feeling, but there isn’t much you can do about it now!
  8. Would be interested to know too - because if it comes to fruition, obviously Tyus Jones is the correct move here.
  9. Yeah i've filled my "streaming" spots with Mitchell Robinson and Elie Okobo - who are riskier than Dekker.. The only other drop i'd really consider is Pat Bev. Who is he rotating with at PF? From the box score i can't figure out out..
  10. Haha, you guys are really selling this to me here.. What kind of minutes and lines are we thinking?
  11. At this stage it has to be narrowed down to SGA, Lyles and Montrezl in terms of opportunity though.