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  1. Ravens at home over a rookie qb?
  2. 3rd round imo is reaching by definition ... I think he’s a solid rb1 so I see value it wasn’t a “reach” for me his ADP puts him round 4 from what I’ve seen though but I didn’t wanna risk it
  3. Its not even close to Conner / Leveon chargers will run a committee with ekeler / Justin Jackson ... ekeler for ppr will be solid and at the price Justin Jackson in standard could be a solid bench guy / last flex
  4. If you get him round 3 he’s a league winner possibly and not a league loser he has literally 0 leverage and his agent is screwing him badly ... chargers are in win now mode but have a ton of Rb depth, he’s coming off a knee injury and they offered him top 6 rb money and a great offense what else does he want ? He’s not a top 3 back and he’s injury prone ... under contract and can be tagged next season, have fun sitting 2 years in your prime or sign for fair money??
  5. Terrible pick much safer and better guys at #8
  6. Keenan Allen is #1 over mike Williams.. unless an injury happens , HH is back and mike Williams is getting overhyped
  7. Both chargers RBS are ballin... Melvin where are ya ?
  8. Literally in a playoff race and they stop playing him I don’t get it?? Was a lock for 30+ mpg and just drops outta nowhere during semis very strange .,. Anybody a hornets fan here and no what the deal is
  9. Wtf is going on with his minutes ??? Was a lock for 35+ mpg now he’s at 27 last game and 6 at half right now ....
  10. Playing good again damn this guy is so up and down but 3 more games this week is appealing