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  1. Playing good again damn this guy is so up and down but 3 more games this week is appealing
  2. Out today damn... do we think he’ll play tomorrow ?
  3. No an add is an add .. if you add a player it’ll count as an add it won’t matter if you drop right away or had them before
  4. Any pickup is a move it’ll say * outta 4 moves used this week at bottom of your team
  5. Had a good run.... same heel that’s been hurting , they will randomly sit him locked into 1st seed right now.. not any other buck player I’d love thanks for the memories president brogdon
  6. Did it look bad ?? One more game this weekend wonder if we should be holding him for semis if he could be a rest risk since bucks are first they’ll take time / rest him any time
  7. minutes slowly going down each game... 5 fouls tonight hope he can stay around 22-25 mins a game minimum
  8. What do we think the minimum games will be 3?