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  1. Elfrid Payton 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Any word if he’ll be back tomorrow ?
  2. Looking great starting but not sure still if he’s worth owning when Westbrook is playing
  3. Is this trade unfair ?? WHIR

    I actually just did haha .. sure it won’t matter but at least they can see . Imo this is the most reputable fantasy site forum and I know nobody who’s comment for biased opinions so
  4. Is this trade unfair ?? WHIR

    Thanks for responses . Appreciate it i almost thought I was going crazy , I didn’t see anyway this was unfair in the slightest imo I’m actually overpaying but I’m a playoff team so I see the need to overpay slightly.. i will be leaving the league after this year 100% 3rd year running to which sucks but oh well
  5. Chubb, Mack, Jones Sit 1 WHIR

    Sit jones play other 2 Mack and Chubb are guaranteed touches
  6. M Gordon keeper trade. WHIR

    I would do this trade the Te upgrade is crucial
  7. Trade Help! WHIR

    Overpaying imo
  8. Which QB Do I Play? - WHIR

    Bortles or Mccown
  9. Mahomes or Big Ben?!? WHIR

    Mahomes KC runs the score they don’t csre
  10. 2 qb 3 wr league 12 man standard i tried trading my matthew Stafford Alshon Jeffery ito Smith for his Tom brady got vetoed in under an hour because I’m a playoff team and they don’t want me to slightly upgrade QB? Is this fair to do this ? I can’t trade a back end qb1/wr1.5 and a flex rb for a mid/low tier qb1?? Thoughts ? WHIR
  11. Taj Gibson 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Nobody talking about this guy?? Looking solid out there last few games
  12. Enes Kanter 2018-2019 Outlook

    Why is this thread just flooded with people trading Kanter asking if it’s good ??? Lol guy still has value
  13. Ya it’s a very tough choice.. we know the Kings aren’t good they will tank but who knows how long they’ll take to decide that with terrible management .. Lakers are in win now mode and have so many mouths to feed it’s hsrd to gauge Hart’s value
  14. Which big to add? WHIR 100%

    My team is this 9 cat 10 man ( pending a trade I’m doing which should go through it’ll be this ) Guards : Bledsoe , cp3, lillard, heild, levert , Elfrid Peyton forward / bigs: AD, embiid , prince , Saric , Kanter just traded away forward / big depth to get lillard so I’d like to grab a big back with defense: blocks with embiid / AD would be a waste to not get those
  15. Which big to add? WHIR 100%

    I’m fairly solid on 3s tbh .. would like the defensive stats most but I don’t want the FT% getting killed that’s why Harrell slightly scares me... I do think gortat sucks though and Bobans a liability to play 30 minutes so he does have a 20+ minute role carved basically .. tough choice here