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  1. Bump. Hopefully you guys won your leagues but please share your championship teams here!
  2. He's officially shut down now with RoCo and Rose. Can't believe the Lord never came back.
  3. It was the last day of Finals for me. Perfect timing for both him and CP# on my roster to have breakout games post-slump.
  4. Thanks! I knew I left something out! This was an 8-cat H2H 12 teamer with no IR spots (ESPN).
  5. I dropped and streamed his spot during playoffs. Has never felt better!
  6. Hey Guys - I just won the Championship in one of my leagues that ended yesterday. It really helped me in past seasons to reference this thread so I thought I'd share mine. Please post your teams that got you the W this season as I know most leagues are in Finals this week! I was punting assists during the draft. Then, someone dropped CP3 and I picked him up with a #2 waiver. I drafted Teague and he starting hitting double digits in assists (whenever he was healthy). Then Ingles started running the offense and leading in assists in Utah so I was back in that category. I got Collins and Lavine as a result of some crazy owners streaming during playoffs 🤪 I was not complaining. Probably made me a league winner, to be honest. Hope this helps! Good luck y'all! Chris Paul Lauri Markkanen Mitchell Robinson Eric Bledsoe Kawhi Leonard D’Angelo Russell John Collins Zach Lavine Paul George Rudy Gobert Joe Ingles
  7. My finals are this week but they just confirmed he’s playing tomorrow.
  8. Like every game he’s rested this season, there’s no way anyone had an idea of which games he would sit. Not saying that he’ll play tomorrrow (and I really need him to), but there hasn’t been any pattern that we can follow to predict when he’ll play. My guess is that he’ll sit out tomorrow because that will mean his first full week of games in forever. Lowry and Green are listed as questionable also. So, keep the faith dude.
  9. Is there a possibility that he kight sit out Sunday also? In my finals so i’m paranoid.
  10. Agree! Although I had to drop him because my opponent in the finals dropped Lavine. 🤷‍♂️
  11. Done. In Finals now and my opponent dropped Lavine to stream. Let's go Zach!!!
  12. Picked him up just now. Hoping this dude shows out with Doncic still not 100%
  13. I made the move and picked up Brunson. My matchup for Finals is too close.
  14. Is he going to play tonight? Going to do a quick drop and pick up Brunson. Can't have this bum sit out during championship week!