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  1. Bjelica or DJA?

    Drop him in the last week. There are 17 days in between, a lot can still happen
  2. Understand, but.. I know that some players are better in the first part of the season (veterans usually), some players rest at the end of the season (usually spurs, maybe not this year) and some rookies do better in the second half. In my point of view, this is part of the strategy that u need to consider at the moment of the initial draft. Then,it's tastes. I agree however that you should be able to set the length of the league to a date that you choose freely
  3. U don't like it? Play it without playoffs, best record wins.
  4. Picked him up. Droppes Lamb. Let's see what he does. If things go well, I keep him for a couple of games. If things go wrong, I drop him.and reacrivate Kawhi. End of season, 10 day contract. I think he will have plenty of chances in the next games. 15-4-8 with 2 triples and a steal is not impossible
  5. Isaac or Noel?

    Drop Isaac after wednesday's game.
  6. Dont drop. Yours are fine.
  7. Nemanja Bjelica 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I'm not expecting more. I'm happy with what I am getting. Like, very happy.
  8. Nemanja Bjelica 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I like this guy. Minutes are there, nice lines will come along.
  9. Drop Gallinari and Pick up Millsap?

    Is gallo the worst player on your team?? 😨😦
  10. Should I drop Kevin Love???

    No IR spot?
  11. So a few dudes would choose Ibaka, a few Markieff. I made the trade, got Markieff and gave away Ibaka. I know that Ibaka might be worth a little bit more, but: - team relies only on pts/3pts/ast/stl/ft% Markieff wins heavily in ast and stl Pts and ft should be more or less even Ibaka wins on 3pts That was my thinking. I lost big on blocks, but it is a cat where I am dead last between the championship contenders. Thanks to everyone for the help. Trades in my league are now closed
  12. Tobias vs Mitchell (WHIR)

    I'd still go for Mitchell. Love that guy
  13. He actually would be a good fit there...
  14. Thing is, I really need a C. Have only Skal and Ibaka right now, with a wild Dedmond on the wire.. We have 2 spots at C and I made my calculations that I only lose 1 game in 3 weeks by "not having" an extra C instead of a g/sf (which will be three games total for lamb and vanvleet to sit out, but recovering two of those due to more games played in the crucial weeks than dedmond...), but giving another C away would cost me something like 8-9 games of stats...
  15. I got Ibaka in a trade for Kyle Anderson, 1 for 1 trade.. I guess he doesn't get much consideration in our league.. The other players that are tradable are probably schroeder and jrue. Others, i dont want or are too expensive (j simmons, fournier, lopez, felicio,olynik, stanley, wiggins or curry/klay/thomas)