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  1. drunk trade

    Get drunk more often bro
  2. Harden/Simmons or Westbrook/CJ

    If it is ben simmons, that side wins by a mile
  3. Keep Gallo and Beasley. They are both quite solid and good PO schedule
  4. He still has a team that is not giving him the keys. They will be focused on hardaway and on their young pgs. He will still get his 13-16 shots per game, which will mean around 16-20 points per game, but he won't get the volume to keep anything above those numbers, because..boh..ask the knicks
  5. As absurd as it sounds.. It is realistic.
  6. Ah, btw, the murray I gave is..the good murray, jamal A little bid sad to see him go, i drafted him higher than anyone expected, but he did his thing
  7. Should I Do This Deal - 100% WHIR

    Deal is fair. Depending on team needs. I prefer jrich though. H Help?
  8. Drop Adebayo/W.Chandler for Skal?

    I'd drop chandler without too many problems... Help?
  9. I'd be going for Covington. He's on his quiet streak at the moment... Help?
  10. JJ Redick, and it's not even close imho. Clean player that doesn't hurt you anywhere. Help?
  11. Jokic+Rubio for Towns+KCP WHIR

    Jokic and Rubio by a mile, for me.. Help?
  12. I stashed him, just in case. Don't have much to lose anyway
  13. You look without PGs.. I understand you are punting assists. Try targeting josh richardson or etwaun moore, they would fit great in your team! Help?
  14. Josh Jackson or Buddy Hield - WHIR

    I'd go for Jackson. Hield didn't live up to expectations when given the chances so far. And he had his chances. Help?