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  1. Mario bout to drop a 30 piece vs CHA lmao leggooo
  2. BAAAAALLLLLLLLIN! Take me to the final round big KAT!
  3. Jabari Parker 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I am actually, I traded him lmao. Nice attempted burn tho lmao
  4. Thank the lord for the stocks... tho
  5. ESPN better hurry tf up and give him that tag
  6. Where'd you draft him? Id take him at 60 every time.
  7. Lets try and think rationally about why he would be unleashed right now....
  8. Al Horford 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Already put up his best line in weeks, in the 1st
  9. Foul trouble. If he makes even 4/6 shots his line looks like 10/7/2/2 in 22 min. No need to panic here.
  10. I hate Malone as much as the next man, but Jokic basically rolled out the red carpet in the paint for the Cavs. He was terrible defensively.
  11. I feel sick for you guys. I sold high on Jokic in a package deal for KAT. Looking like straight robbery now. I do think balance will be restored soon though. Hopefully very soon.
  12. He won't have the insane usage so temper your expectations.
  13. Unless AG goes down, forget it
  14. March 19th-Apr 11. ATL play 4, 3 and 5 in that period, so not bad.