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  1. I get multipositions are nice, I'm just saying his stats suck for the 4 position
  2. What's the concern about him getting a PF tag? He's got shocking numbers for a PF. Don't see why you would want to plug him in there.
  3. I think you'll be regretting that eventually.
  4. He actually has one of the best FG% for a guard shooting with volume. But def punt TO.
  5. If he can give me 18ppg I will be very happy
  6. Close thread. I don't have the energy left for this guy anymore.
  7. I'd be surprised if he didnt finish top 50. I think taking him after 40 ia fine.
  8. Yep most cats. Are you meaning high as in late or early? Some people interchange the term
  9. Olynk is starting at PF which they are thin at. Leonard? Hell no! Bam is already better than both those two and will only get better this season. What I'm saying is that he aint losing that spot at the 5. Not. A. Chance.
  10. Drafted him in 3 money leagues at 36, 61, and 66. I'm all in baby! NOBODY is coming for those minutes. He's going to get more and more beastly as the season progresses and feaaaast nomnomnom
  11. I don't believe he'll be that guy people were expecting and im a little glad I took all the Bryants and Bams over him. He seems uninvolved in a lot of the offense, which I know its preseason, and new team etc but it seems like he's just allowing the kids to do their thing. Looking like a legit 5th option out there. I do however think he'll get in his groove eventually but come playoff time, if the Pels arent playing for anything I believe it'll be grim for him and they'll look to develop their youngens.
  12. He is crushing this pre-season. I really want to drop Monk for him. He can do it all and looks hungry!
  13. Nowhere has said hes definitely missing at least the first 6 weeks. What are you talking about?
  14. Kyrie posted his best ever numbers in Boston, aka a franchise he didn't even want to be at last season. Check your facts before talking ish. He also finished higher than Beal come season end.