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  1. This has killed me. Dropped him for FVV and now he does this.
  2. The longer they wait the worse their leverage becomes. Better to deal sooner than later
  3. If he is healthy, he plays. If he's injured (majorly) he gets shut down if close enough to the end of season. This is a business and they will not shut him down if he is healthy, especially after the Bledsoe incident a couple seasons back. Once again, this is business! He WILL play!
  4. @LosingEffort Holidays really effecting Kyle isn't he? You should take a break from posting, you're helping nobody
  5. You actually dont know what you're talking about... at all.
  6. Difference is Collison is an easy drop in most formats. I took Donovan #22 and have to live with his bum a** knowing I could've taken Kemba, Booker, Jrue etc
  7. I think that's due to giving the guys that have been laid off for a while some shots. If Boylen is smart he'll be drawing up plays for WCJ later in the season and work on his development.