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  1. Aldridge trade

    100% take that
  2. Am I giving up too much? WHIR

    Dray and Vooch cancel out eachother in terms of value and Avery is a nullified piece. So to me its Horford for Ingles/Bog hmmmm... thats a tough one with the current form the latter are in. I probably stay where I am tbh, its very close though. If you want to stream a spot then maybe take the deal but id be staying.
  3. Harden/Simmons or Westbrook/CJ

    I take Harden/Simmons here quite easily.
  4. You already have such an efficient team with guys that can block. I dont think Turner adds too much value in your case and based off PO schedule id probably stay put. Also Turner has been less than impressive this season. I dont really trust him.
  5. My Jokic/M.Gasol for his KAT/Simmons. I can see KAT and Simmons having a stronger close out on the season but im worried that my team isnt really set up as a punt ft, and simmons will pretty mucj sink that category. But I do like the upside... this is a tough one. What do you think?
  6. Sustainable. Theres absolutely no reason why he cant. Everyones roles seem defined in this team and theyre clicking like a mf
  7. Jabari Parker 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Just traded Josh jackson for Jabari purely based off playoff schedule. I havent been following him since he came back. What are the thoughts on Bari? Are we confident hes playing at full minutes end of March?
  8. Minutes are still a worry plus hes wont always shoot 8/10 from the field. Still not high on him
  9. Why are you so bad?!! You better get some mf stocks I swear!
  10. How can we get this rectified?
  11. I keep starting him over guys that are ballin at the minute (like josh jackson). Restoring my faith in the lord has been tough. Every game i expect him to bounce back, yet its typical to look at the scores at half time and see hes taken 0-3 shots, 0-3 reb and maybe 1 stock. The lord is breaking my heart.
  12. fwiw hes sitting on the bench smiling and laughing
  13. Just offered josh jackson for him.