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  1. True, but fantasy football is built on the blood and sweat of irrationality and hyperbole
  2. Cam Newton hinders any progress for the talent Carolina has. There I said it.
  3. Definitely start Lindsay and Breida (based on recent form) and bench Keryon. As for the other two, I'd say Ingram over Michel because Dallas is only slightly worse than MIN against fantasy RBs. Breida and Sanders, or Breida and Adams. Kittle is a good option too, but Sanders vs. a crappy Cincy defense is mouthwatering. I read that as Gronkowski at first lol I'd say Butker only because of the better offense but they seem dead even. Humphries (#FreeJarvis) I'd say no to both (though I am in the same boat as you with possibly benching White out of fear). Your other options are very iffy dart throws. Help with my dilemma please: Pick 4 (2RB spots, 1 WR spot, and 1 flex) for a 1ptPPR league: J. Edelman vs MIN DJ Moore vs TB J. White vs. MIN C. Carson vs. SF J. Adams vs WAS
  4. Alfred Blue > Derrick Henry. I'll see myself out. Good day to you all.
  5. As it says in the title. I'm in a must win scenario (or lose by less than 13.75 scenario). I have what seems to be a plethora of options to pick from and I know I'm going to have to do a gut-check on at least one spot. This is a 1pt PPR league. Help! QB: Baker Mayfield @ HOU or Lamar Jackson @ ATL RB1: James White v. MIN or Josh Adams v WAS or Chris Carson v SF RB2: Josh Adams v WAS or Chris Carson v SF or James White v MIN WR1: Antonio Brown (locked in) WR2: Tyreek Hill (locked in) WR3: Julian Edelman v MIN or DJ Moore @ TB W/R: Any choice between Edelman, DJ Moore, Carson, Adams, White TE: Cook (locked in) My flex pick and RB picks are going to be crucial.
  6. I don't necessarily need him to have a monster game, just a 17-23 point game (he's projected ~24 in the league I plan to start him in). My team isn't too QB dependent. Considering Cincy is second to last against QBs in fantasy, and what Lamar Jackson did to them last week without scoring a TD, would you say that range is in play? His last three games before the bye were 19.9 (@Pit), 24.85 (KC), and 30.8 (ATL).
  7. Zuerlein is in that rare ecehlon of kickers that you keep through bye weeks (like Tucker or Gostkowski). I'm keeping him. Picked up Gould for this week. Bryant's a good choice too but not as enticing with a scary matchup vs. NO. Drop your worst bench player instead of Legatron.
  8. Had to dig deep to find this thread. How do you rate him in a seemingly + matchup @ Cincy?
  9. This man may have saved my fantasy season and put me in the playoffs. Thank you TyJesus.
  10. Only need 24 points from Ty Hill tonight to win in one league (full pt PPR). And in the other, I need Mahomes/Zuerlein to put up a normal game, whilst having Goff, Woods, and Kelce to put up normal to below-projected performances. Up by 35 in that matchup (0.5 PPR league). First and only MNF game I'll watch start to finish this year.
  11. This guy is fantasy fools gold. 5% Boom/ 95% Bust. I learned my lesson getting burned by him this week as a flex. Back to the trash heap with you, COREY.
  12. I watched the game, and he reminded me of Kaepernick. As expected, his accuracy was a concern, but they game planned him to not throw that much at all. When he did, he looked solid. He has a lot of upside on rushing alone. Against a better team, he'll have to work on not pulling off dumb throws on the run (the INT was a poop throw for sure). But his RoS looks easy, so if he's available in your league, pick his a** up! If the Ravens were smart they'd shut Flacco down for next week and give the kid another shot against in a juicy matchup vs. the Oakland Gruden's.
  13. Down by 18. Going up against Tarik Cohen tonight. I have Tyreek Hill on MNF. What are my chances on a scale of crap to slightly less crap?