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  1. hopefully getting Zay Jones will help too, at least while Williams is out
  2. i'd take the chance on OBJ...Gallup has been good but not sure he's at OBJ's level yet
  3. I grabbed him off waivers...worth a shot to see how he does when Darnold is back
  4. I dropped him...there were better options on the wire. If there aren't in your league hang on, but I'm not quite as hopeful with how little SEA passes.
  5. do it! you have loads of RB depth so you'll be fine
  6. I think I might do it since you still have Mccaffrey as a stud. Would be nice to have a stud WR to pair with him, but I assume you have some RB depth after Mixon? If not that's pretty thin and I might stand pat. Hopkins would be my choice though if you did it.
  7. nope nope nope, Penny is not worth it. If anything you could trade Gordon as he will come back eventually. You can drop CJ Anderson if the roster in your signature is still up to date
  8. I agree, try to get Brieda for Olsen. Doubt Olsen survives the season without an injury anyway thanks for the help on mine!
  9. yeah, AB makes me nervous for sure (not on the field of course), but Mixon isn't playing like a top RB right now so not sure I would do it. Maybe a package deal where you give up AB/Damien Williams for Mixon and a WR2
  10. I would keep waller for now, if he blows up this week his value will skyrocket.
  11. I think I would do it...hard to rely on Sony week to week, but he will definitely put up some big games, so it's close.
  12. I don't think I would play Mixon this week...Henry is a better option until Mixon shows he can put up some numbers with that offensive line and his bum ankle