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  1. In PPR Thompson is pretty valuable, but that is a relatively fair trade. I think I would stick with what you have though as Hunt hasn't been getting a ton of receptions
  2. David Johnson 2018 Outlook

    Please Lord let it ignite something...no more Bradford!
  3. Joe Mixon 2018 Outlook

    ugh...I just traded for him hoping he would be back quick. Please don't let me down!
  4. Thinking of buying low on DJ

    With McCoy hurt I doubt they would accept...
  5. I just traded Marshawn Lynch and Baldwin for Mixon...Thought it was worth the risk since both those guys were riding my bench at the moment.
  6. Brandin Cooks 2018 Outlook

    still loving that I drafted Cooks...was worried with him as my WR2 but after the first 2 games my fears are gone. He will produce as long as he stays healthy
  7. Aj green to waiver?

    yeah not sure how this is possible...contact commissioner
  8. Goodwin for Gordon

    go for it. Gordon has way more upside on Pats
  9. Agholor for me...the Eagles don't have a lot of other options to throw to and Wentz is back
  10. Amendola has a concussion and isn't doing much anyway, DROP. Not sure about NO but they definitely haven't looked good yet
  11. Drop Clement for OJ Howard?

    hmm...tough call. In a 10 team you probably don't need to roster 2 TEs. I think I do like Howard better than Burton, but you also have alot of RB depth so you could probably be ok with dropping Clement as well.
  12. tough call...I think I would do it because I think Ingram will be good when he comes back, and you can plug Baldwin in when he is healthy. Tough choice though.
  13. Howard woudl be the pick for me...assuming you have enough RB depth to lose Morris
  14. Doug Baldwin 2018 Outlook

    He generally always has a good season overall, but seems to be one HUGE game and then several with 5-6 points. I'm playing in standard leagues as well so he has a little less value. I'm glad I picked him up, don't get me wrong, I just tend to get nervous every time i start him.