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  1. second loss this season scoring 2nd most points playing against highest points, fun times.
  2. going up against Wilson, Evans, Ingram, and Amari Cooper was not cool.
  3. Dropping Saints for Ravens is a no brainer right? I'm trying to figure out why ESPN has Saints the highest projected defense and Ravens one of the lowest. Cowboys, Broncos, Seahawks, Browns are all available but leaning Ravens.
  4. Two TDs within the 5 that Chubb didn't get, hines gets a 1 yard td instead of mack and Dak gets a rushing td over Zeke... This is going great
  5. McGuire, not sure how Anderson will be after being on the team a week http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/738842-one-last-flex-helper-whir/
  6. McGuire, can't trust Jacksonville at this point
  7. Ppr league Lineup is: Rb: Zeke, Chubb Wr: Hopkins, Amari Cooper Flex options: Mack, Damien Williams, Jamaal Williams, diggs, cooks Currently have mack due to Giants matchup. Diggs on standby if Hopkins is out. D Williams is appealing due to pass catching though
  8. 12 team PPR Me: QB: Brees RB: Zeke RB: Chubb WR: Amari Cooper WR: Hopkins TE: Kittle Fl: Mack Def: Bears K: Butker Bench: Diggs, Cooks, Damien Williams, Jamaal Williams Opponent: QB: Ben RB: Gurley RB: Cohen WR: Julio Jones WR: Evans TE: Ertz Fl: Edelman Def: Rams K: Prater Bench: McDonald, Prescott, McGuire, Corey Davis
  9. Chubb and Jackson http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/737763-flex-help-whir/
  10. I think I'd go ertz but part of that is because I'd be paranoid to start that many people on KC
  11. Rivers http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/737763-flex-help-whir/
  12. Goff, Rams coming back big after that last game
  13. PPR League: Starting WR: Hopkins, Cooper RB: Zeke, Chubb Possible Flex: Cooks Diggs Aaron Jones Mack Damien Williams Leaning towards Cooks, think the Rams bounce back and Eagles secondary isn't looking too good.