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  1. Trading for J Howard WHIR

    yeah, I have to agree that the chances are slim of him taking it. But, when you can only play 2 RBs at a time, he's always going to have one of those on the bench. So, I'm just making a try to gauge interest.
  2. My team in the sig. I feel like I need to improve my RB situation. A guy in our league ended up with Elliott, Mixon and Howard. He lost Delanie Walker so was thinking of offering Carson and Burton for Howard. That sound about right or what other combo should I consider? Not much left on the WW at this point except John Brown, RSJ, and Marquise Goodwin. Thanks in advance!
  3. Who wins this trade? whir

    Mixon side
  4. Cooks or Agholor

    I would say Agholor since it's .5PPR
  5. Enunwa is still on the WW. Should I drop Kenny Stills for him? Seems like Enunwa is going to get the targets but saw an article this morning where Gase is talking up Stills. Thanks!
  6. Are the actions of the commisioner fair?

    I'm glad everybody is agreeing with me on this one. I wasn't sure if I was over-reacting or if the actions really were excessive.
  7. Are the actions of the commisioner fair?

    Yes, get this. He says because I tried to trade Tallion to somebody and then I ended up dropping him, it was clear that my trade offers were not made in good faith. HAHA
  8. Are the actions of the commisioner fair?

    I offered Luis Castillo for Eduardo Escobar I offered Castillo and Devers for Posey and Escobar so then they would counter with: Posey/Gallo/Bundy/Escobar for my Freeman/Abreu/deGrom/McCullers
  9. Are the actions of the commisioner fair?

    It's just a random league that I joined. Was pretty relaxed and not much going on until this happened
  10. To make a long story short, a couple of the guys in my league didn't like the trades I was offering, calling them low-ball offers even though I don't see it that way. Apparently, they went to the commisioner and complained about it. He warns me to stop "harassing" and low-balling people or else action will be taken against me. I reply that I will refrain from getting into trades discussions anymore, even though: I was the one getting called a prick, an A-hole, and other names just because I wasn't accepting the offers that were being sent to me. I was offered Eduardo Escobar for deGrom straight up. (and the commish didn't think that was low-balling) A team trades away Moose, Stanton, Strausburg, and Iglesias for 3 guys on the DL, Tyson Ross and Jim Johnson. So last night I pick up Braun that somebody had dropped, and I drop Tallion (who I had offered as a trade piece). A couple of hours later, the commish goes in and drops my Braun pickup, without me knowing. I check this morning and somebody has already picked him up. Is this fair at all? Sorry for the long post, but in all the years of me playing, I've never had to deal with something like this
  11. Which 2 rbs?

    I agree. Mack is the only one we don't know how much usage he'll get. Though he's work has been increasing, it's still an uncertainty compared to the other two.
  12. Team help !!

    who is avialable on the wire?
  13. Upgrade at WR...whir

    I would probably offer Miller at this point. They are going to stack that box, and the DEF is horrible so they will always play from behind.
  14. Parker at this point.