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  1. FLEX Help WHIR

    I would definitely go Ingram there
  2. pick 1 RB - Cohen, Davis or Jones WHIR

    I agree with the above. Jones in standard and Cohen in PPR
  3. Start 2...4 options...WHIR!

    I saw you go with both of the TEs. They are both solid contributors in their offense
  4. 2 RB: Mack, Sony, AJones, Kerryon ~ WHIR

    I'd go Sony/Jones combo
  5. Ertz Trade

    I agree with the others that your counter is definitely better. however, maybe even try for another RB. With Kamara tearing it up, it seems like they are getting away from Ingram a bit.
  6. Struggling to get some decent receivers on my team and these two are on the WW. Which of the two should I drop DJ Moore for?
  7. ROS WR Outlook- WHIR

    I would have to agree with n4sa on this one, but all are really close.
  8. As you can see from my sig, my team is just sad. I can't even trade because aside from Adams, I have nothing others want. Dion Lewis and Ronald Jones are available. Are either of them worth dropping Freeman for? I know he has the ankle sprain, but wondering if I should just keep him until after their bye.
  9. LeVeon Trade - WHIR!

    Anybody have any thoughts?
  10. .5 PPR league and got an offer to get L Bell, Landry and Jordan Howard for Robert Woods and Aaron Jones. I would still have Theilen, A Brown, James Conner, D Cook, P Lindsay. Should I take it? I'm in first place at 5-1 and the points leader but about to lose this week.
  11. Trading for J Howard WHIR

    yeah, I have to agree that the chances are slim of him taking it. But, when you can only play 2 RBs at a time, he's always going to have one of those on the bench. So, I'm just making a try to gauge interest.
  12. My team in the sig. I feel like I need to improve my RB situation. A guy in our league ended up with Elliott, Mixon and Howard. He lost Delanie Walker so was thinking of offering Carson and Burton for Howard. That sound about right or what other combo should I consider? Not much left on the WW at this point except John Brown, RSJ, and Marquise Goodwin. Thanks in advance!
  13. Cooks or Agholor

    I would say Agholor since it's .5PPR