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  1. Hey all, So my kicker is R. Gould, I really like him as a kicker but I don't have much expendable bench space. The guys I'm considering dropping this week are: ---------------- K. Drake (like him as a hold asset in case he gets traded, but useless in Miami and has a bye week 5 so may stay on the wire) T.J. Hockenson (considering holding for 1 more week in case he shows value, but would only be a trade asset as I own Kelce) C. Hyde (good backup/stash RB which is my main weakness but potentially expendable) R. Gould (currently the #5 kicker in points and I like Gould, think he is a consistent kicker in a position to do well this year) ------------------- Any insight is appreciated, Hock and Drake are definitely the 2 I'm thinking of dropping the most. My team is 1-2 and the projected spread for this game is 1 pt so I dont want to play a K on bye
  2. Just whats in this thread. The fact that his doctor recommended surgery and he decided to tough it out. Seems like the kind of thing that, if it doesnt keep him out longer than 2 games, could be the kind of lingering injury that limits his productivity, snap count, or causes him to miss games down the line. He may very well come out of this just fine but I personally am cutting him for a reciever that will theoretically be back at the same time (with comparable volume and talent) and hasn't had abdominal surgery recommended recently.
  3. The Tate owner got tired of waiting and dropped him to waivers yesterday, I dropped DJax for Tate this morning. Feeling good about it, they should both be back week 5 but I don't like what I'm reading about this injury and what it could mean for DJax's snap count RoS. Good luck to those that hold him or pick him up, I think he can still do well when he comes back if he stays healthy.
  4. The zeke trade isn't bad for you at all but I do like the idea of trading ekeler for someone like Tyreek or AB.
  5. Yeah the 2nd trade sounds a lot better for you - trading Jacobs specifically. Definitely don't get rid of Chubb. As far as fair, lol no, Jacobs/Gordon/Sutton for Sony/Juju/DK is not fair to the other guy, but if you can convince him that it is then more power to you. If he isn't interested in Jacobs, see if you can get a better RB than Sony out of him for Chubb. Sony is the kind of guy that can lose you weeks as easily as he can win you weeks. It's not like you're hurting so don't do anything too knee-jerky
  6. Keep Robinson, he's less of a question mark than Darwin. Plus you've got Mostert, he should be flex/rb2 as long as Coleman is out, and if he makes enough of an impact he may earn more of a role for himself going forward... dude looks great running the ball for sure. Granted Darwin could end up being one of those crazy league-winner type of guys but I'd rather go for consistency and proven aptitude.
  7. Hey all, Desean Jackson owner here, looking at waivers this week and see a couple of intriguing options for WR - G. Tate and N. Agholor. 12 team, .5ppr redraft. My roster: QB: J. Goff RB: A. Jones, P. Lindsay, C. Hyde, R. Mostert, M. Gordon WR: D. Adams, T. Hilton, M. Jones Jr., C. Sutton, D. Jackson, T. McLaurin TE: T. Kelce, T. Hockenson D/ST: Jags K: R. Gould I'm thinking of dropping either DJax or Hockenson for Tate. Agholor is an interesting option but I see him as more of a fill-in and I think I'm deep enough at WR that I can stand without replacing DJax for a couple of weeks. My worry is that this DJax injury may linger past week 5 and/or potentially limit snaps later in the season - I think Tate may be a more reliable option in general for week 5 and beyond, though with a new QB this may be DJax's year. The other option I see is to drop Hockenson for Tate. As a Kelce owner I don't really need Hock, but hear me out - I'm weak at RB, TE is looking bad so far - if I can hold for a couple weeks, he puts up some numbers, I pair him together with a solid WR to trade for a RB1/2. Solid logic? I have Gordon coming back but who knows exactly when and in what capacity that will be. Thoughts? Ideas I'm not seeing? Should I just hold onto the cards I already have? All insight is appreciated, and though my knowledge is limited I'll try my best to help in return.
  8. I think Kupp is your best bet. I'll probably be flexing DJax this week but I don't really have a better alternative. I'd only go DJax if you really think you'll be playing from waaay behind and need a potential boom candidate. However I think Kupp is in line for a big game anyway and you have to expect some regression from DJax's revenge game last week.
  9. McLaurin, I'm all on board this hype train. Love the snap count, target share, productivity and overall mentality of this guy. Could be something special this year.
  10. TY Hilton @ Tennessee Tyler Lockett @ Pittsburgh John Brown @ NYG Antonio Brown @ Miami for high ceiling OR Larry Fitzgerald @ Baltimore for high floor
  11. 12 team league, .5 ppr. RB2: Phillip Lindsay, Carlos Hyde, Kenyan Drake or Raheem Mostert? All the rankings Ive seen put Lindsay at the top of this pile but I dont know if I can stomach running him against the Bears. My current thinking is to play Hyde, I think he will have decent volume behind a good O-line ------------------- Flex: Desean Jackson, Terry McLaurin, Marvin Jones Jr. Or T.J. Hockenson? Currently between Djax and Terry, though I'm tempted to flex my TE depth this week with Hock and Kelce
  12. I'd go Chris Thompson in PPR, love the guy, wish I had him this year.
  13. Tough decision, I feel like you can't go wrong either way. If it was me I'd probably go Hock. I'd say he has the higher ceiling and the lower floor, there's just not so much data on the guy. However all the data I've seen on him says STUD! If you want a safer pick while you see how Hock pans out for another week I don't think you'll lose out on much starting Vance.
  14. DonkeyKong, I feel like he's got more opportunity to produce and a higher ceiling. I doubt Malcolm Brown vultures another 2 TDs this week
  15. Worst to first! Got last place in my league last year, this year I completely rejuvenated my approach and put in maximum effort and research each week, enabling me to get a solid draft and worked the waivers well enough to keep my team winning, clench my division and make it all the way to the top. Gotta say, the cash prize is nice, but the validation of my efforts in the face of all the inane s----talking from my league mates is truly the best Christmas present of all. My final team, 1/2ppr: QB: N. Foles (W) RB: T. Gurley (D) RB: M. Davis (W) WR: D. Baldwin (D) WR: J. Smith-Schuster (W) FLX: J. Gordon (W) TE: Rudolph (D) D: Jags (W) K: Boswell (W) Not the best final performance, but luckily my opponent had a horrible final performance, and thats what really counts sometimes. Honorable mentions: David Johnson: Drafted, injured Danny Woodhead: Drafted, injured Terrelle Pryor Sr.: Drafted, had to drop because he was just awful Mariota: Drafted, struggled with dropping the whole season, performed in spite of him Aaron Rodgers: sneakily scooped from waivers for free and stashed for use in playoffs Davante Adams: Drafted, workhorse all season for me, injured in the semis Chris Thompson: picked off waivers, was an absolute beast for me until he got injured