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  1. If KD goes to NY next season is he automatic 1st pick? (assuming no Kyrie) Would you take him over Giannis?
  2. Im in a debate with a buddy, If KD goes to NY would you draft him over Giannis next year? I said I would. Any thoughts?
  3. Gallo.
  4. Turner has been one of the worst fantasy performers this year. Id go rubio side
  5. Hield + joe harris for Randle + nance jr 16 team roto
  6. Its not that bad. Hes probably hoping you will sell low on Jrue. Definitely a low ball offer but Ive seen worst trades.
  7. I got offered tyler ennis for Gorgui dieng. I dont even know who tyler ennis is
  8. I own Jokic and at this point im taking this if offered to me.