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  1. All opinions are appreciated. Leave a link and I will respond. For the League Championship. #1......I like Mayfield's matchup against the Bengals. He torched them earlier his year for 4 TD's. But....can he be trusted again? #2....Deshaun Watson @ Philadelphia (On the road against a desperate eagle lineup) Thanks everybody and Good Luck.
  2. Edelman JuJu D. Williams......McGuire if JuJu sits.
  3. I would also go with JuJu. If he sits go with Dasean Hamilton. Good Luck!
  4. Both are good options but I think Samuels (with his receiving ability) will get you more points. Good Luck!
  5. This is for the league Championship 1/2 point ppr league. Pick 1 for RB and 1 for Flex Brandin Cooks @ Arizona James White vs Buffalo Elijah McGuire vs Packers Damien Williams @ Seattle
  6. Unfortunately (Colt fan) I think Miller will eat tomorrow.
  7. 1/2 pt ppr league. Need win to secure spot in playoffs. Pick 1 to play Cohen vs Rams Miller vs Colts Ware vs Ravens Leave your link and I will respond.
  8. I like Jackson out of the 3.....Easier matchup.