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  1. Bump........Any other advise?
  2. Pick 1 QB WHIR

    Wentz without a doubt....Please help with my quick flex question.
  3. Brandin Cooks vs Seattle or Greg Olsen @ Pittsburgh (tonight) 1/2 point ppr Thanks and leave your link
  4. This is a tough decision for me. I feel both are solid plays. 1/2 point ppr Starting Thielen ....Pick my other WR. Brandin Cooks vs Green Bay Tyler Boyd vs Tampa Bay
  5. D Adams for Fournette/Diggs? WHIR

    Based on your current roster, I would stand pat. Good Luck.
  6. Start Luck or Winston? WHIR 100%

    Both are good options, I personally like Winston by the slimmest of Margins. Good Luck.
  7. Which Flex? WHIR

    #1 Thompson #2 Mostert
  8. Which D/ST?

  9. {Starting Thielen) 1/2 point ppr Pick 1 of the following: Doug Baldwin @ Detroit Josh Gordon @ Buffalo John Brown @ Carolina
  10. Need opinions please

    I like the trade for you.
  11. Wentz vs Jacksonville (In London) Cam vs Baltimore Trubisky vs Jets
  12. Trade for JuJu?? whir

    I'd rather have Juju.
  13. WR.......Baldwin RB........Murray Flex......Golladay