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  1. Jrue Holiday is going to be on a minutes restrictions for the rest of the season...
  2. Nope, he's young and one of the main reasons why Bulls fans go to watch games.
  3. Ever since DJ joined the team, Mitchell learned how to grab rebounds and cut... Lob City 2.0
  4. Above...JV, Zubac, Portis, Kenrich Williams, & Dennis Smith Jr????
  5. For some reason the forum bold-ed random four words in your post... sorry, I meant three.
  6. I'm talking about the urge for some to pick him up already, the other 12 pages & his ranking on BBM & Yahoo
  7. What's with the hype? He's like a slightly better version of Mikal bridges
  8. We need mirotic back to get his assist numbers up
  9. Dropped him for Derrick White... Anyone else do the same?
  10. Barton said he wanted a starting role before he signed his contract. Doubt this will happen even though I think it's best for the team.
  11. I think Oubre is going to be traded. He wasn't a part of the original trade so to me, it doesn't seem like the Suns wanted him in the team but just as an asset.