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  1. Kamara, Mixon, Hopkins, Ertz, Henry, Diggs, Coleman.
  2. Yeah no brainer. Allen has busted and you get to get rid of the headache starting him over Juju. RBs a landslide victory.
  3. It's a good problem to have. I'd take DJ and Mixon.
  4. Still no IMO. Get someone better than Bagley. Try get Laurri instead if you looking for upside.
  5. Vonleh IS LEGIT but dropping a name like Hayward sounds like a waste. Why not try a two for one with someone that needs steals. Focus on a team that's struggling and just ask for the crappiest player on their team and try trade a stud for a stud upgrade.
  6. Kamara looked fantastic in this game. The game script just didn't require him to do too much.
  7. I prefer Tyreke, hope he finds his feet.
  8. Sounds pretty rich to me, who did you pick up?