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  1. You don't veto this unless there was collusion involved. CMC owner could very likely be scared that he regresses with a terrible Cam Newton.
  2. Which side would you rather have? Side A Receives: Christian McCaffery, JuJu, Lockett Side B Receives: Zeke and Keenan Allen Half PPR WHIR as usual, leave your links.
  3. Tough one. I'd either go Chark or Murray... New Orleans doesn't want to shove the ball down Kamaras throat, much like when Ingram was around, I still see Murray having a decent floor in PPR. Thanks for helping with mine.
  4. McCoy looked really good last week. I'd roll with him until he shows signs of his age. Thanks for helping with mine
  5. Who would you flex in half ppr? Mixon vs SF Lockett @ PIT Terry McLaurin vs DAL Breida @ CIN Carlos Hyde vs JAX WHIR - leave your links.
  6. I wouldn't. Waller had a great first game and has been hyped up by Gruden but it's still only one week. Hoopers skill is proven and is looking healthy this year. I'd rather his safety net than Hardman. Tyreek is coming back.
  7. ABs name is making it difficult but ignore him for his first week back, even if he explodes you know he's a lock and load every week. Tossup between Ross and Brown. It's super close and I don't even know who to pick but flip a coin and go with him. 😂
  8. It's close but just like every other year people are high on Freeman but he ends up being a bust. I'd rather a McCoy who is playing well in a high powered offense (and potentially may run away with the RB1 role in KC) and A Rob even though Williams is tempting .
  9. Kirk but depending on your bench, and based on those available QBs. I'd see what I could do to roster Dalton as a backup.
  10. I would. Hyde has more value than Lewis and is utilized in a high powered offense.
  11. White usually heats up later in the year (plus all of a sudden there are a ton of mouths to feed in NE) and Montgomery is still an unknown. I'd pass as Henry/Mack and your reserves are already solid.
  12. Grab Mostert Start Kerryon, Woods, Josh Gordon Flex Marquise Brown or McLaurin
  13. Gonna go with Brown. If Miami is playing catch-up they aren't likely to be running the ball