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  1. Jimmy Graham 2018 Outlook

    Anyone know what his snap count was last game? 1 target and not even until the 4th quarter is not common. Just wondering if they were resting him due to game script, or if Rodgers simply didn't look his way at all.
  2. 2018 "Cool Story, Bro!" Thread

    Crazy week when Alvin Kamara is your lowest scoring RB after he puts up 22 Chubb - 36 CMC - 32 Aaron Jones - 32 Kamara - 22
  3. I don't have Lewis but I do roster Chubb and Jones in half PPR. For what it's worth, im playing Chubb this week solely on volume. Since Hyde left he's had 20+ opportunities a game. Will Jones score 3 touchdowns this week? Maybe, but until he doesn't have a RB sniffing down his neck stealing his touches/goal line opportunities, my money is on Chubb.
  4. Christian McCaffrey 2018 Outlook

    Only reason why I traded Hunt for CMC and Graham. The playoff schedule is juicy. In any form of PPR, Christian has an upside over almost every RB other than Kamara, Gurley and Gordon. The only thing Carolina needs to realize is that dumpoffs to CMC inside the 15 are almost guaranteed a touchdown.
  5. You need the RB depth and Chubb will definitely give you it. I dont care how bad the Browns are, they are getting better and Chubb will be getting 20 touches a game. Brees is nothing to bat an eye at. He's already had a bye week (Mahomes hasn't) and has a 70 point differential in my league (in favour of Mahomes, add in a bye for him and they are VERY close, fantasy wise). Pull the trigger on this trade. Thanks for mine.
  6. Who would you start this week? Half PPR. TNFs matchup JuJu vs CAR or Kupp vs SEA WHIR leave your links
  7. Luck is slinging the ball like a madman and Cleveland isn't as bad as seasons past. Both Chubb and Mack have some weight when it comes to value, I feel like they are both just getting started with their production. That being said, I'd still probably take Zeke for them, I just can't stand how bad Dallas O-Line is. Thanks for mine.
  8. Who would you rather have ROS? Big Ben or Rivers? They both have juicy playoff schedules, other than Rivers plays Baltimore at home week 16. They are also only separated by a mere 10 points in my league in standings. Big Ben has @OAK, vs NE, @NO weeks 14.15.16 Rivers has vs CIN, @KC, vs BAL weeks 14.15.16 Half PPR. WHIR leave your links.
  9. Jones has more immediate value than Ekeler. Although Ekeler has had a few big plays, even when Gordon got injured he didn't exceed expectations. He's actually better when Gordon is active. I'd roll with Jones due to volume. Help with mine?
  10. McGuire would be my drop. Thompson is more valuable in PPR and has already made it through his Bye. McGuire is on a bad offense who still hasn't solidified a defined role. Thanks for mine.
  11. Half PPR. 10 team short bench league. My roster is below. Don't feel obligated to answer all of the questions. Looking for any and all advice. QB - Philip Rivers @ OAK WR - Tyreek Hill vs ARI WR - JuJu Smith Schuster vs CAR RB - Alvin Kamara @ CIN RB - Christian McCaffery @ PIT TE - Jimmy Graham @ MIA FLEX (WR/RB/TE) - Nick Chubb vs ATL DEF - Washington K - Butker BENCH - Cooper Kupp BENCH - Aaron Jones BENCH - Ben Roethlisberger BENCH - Emmanuel Sanders Question 1 Would you rather roll with 2 TEs or 2 QBs going into the playoffs? Ben and Rivers both have nice schedules but Doyle is on the wire. Would you rather have Rivers and Ben or drop one of them and carry Graham and Doyle? Question 2 Week 10 is here, who would you start? Kupp vs SEA or Thursday nights matchup JuJu vs CAR at home Rivers @ OAK or Thursday nights matchup Big Ben vs CAR at home Question 3 Swap Nick Chubb vs ATL with anyone on my bench? Thanks and WHIR as usual, leave your links!
  12. Zek trade offer

    Interesting swap of Cleveland RBs... Id take the Zeke side.
  13. Mahomes bye week options

    Some pretty bad options but I'd go with Bortles or Keenum.