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  1. Not to be the grammar police or anything - it's separating it because the word you're looking for is "reckless"
  2. What are the chances AB gets traded to the Broncos with Flacco landing there?
  3. Chargers eating the clock every possession with these small plays and multiple 3rd down conversions. Did someone forget to inform them they are losing and chewing the clock up isn't in their best interest?
  4. I'm not sure what I'm more annoyed by - how long this possession is or how bad that Aquaman commercial was.
  5. You don't bench this guy unless your choices are Gurley/Zeke/Barkley and arguably right now CMC.
  6. Tyreek is gonna be good for 10+ targets tonight. He's going out there with pain killers and a properly wrapped foot, I expect a good game from him although we'll likely see a 10-15% snap count regression.
  7. The feels when Williams gets a TD tonight but then you realize it's the other Williams.
  8. From @Corleone in the A Jones thread: Over the last 3 games played for all RB's, here are the backs with 50 or more touches (carries + catches) in that span... Zeke - 100 CMC - 69 Mixon - 66 Saquan - 65 Michel - 61 Gurley - 60 Gus - 60 Chubb - 60 Aaron Jones - 55 J. Wilson - 55 D. Martin - 55 Lindsay - 52 Kamara - 51 Carson - 51 Barber - 51 Ekeler - 50 Blount - 50
  9. Not sure when Yahoo corrected it - woke up this morning and JuJu's 40+ yard bonus on the 43 yard hook and lateral is now credited.
  10. Weird, guess they decided to not credit him with a 40+ yard play (bonus pts) in yahoo.
  11. Hahah phone auto correct... If there's any TE I'm aiming for next year it's this *guy.
  12. If it's any TE I'm aiming for next year it's this year
  13. Was that rushing or receiving? I have 8/12 for 130 yards receiving and 2 TDs in my yahoo league
  14. Was anything missed in scoring for JuJu or maybe I don't understand how hook and laterals work in the fantasy world. The blurb said he had a 43 yard hook and lateral... My league has + points for 40 yard plays but he wasn't credited anything. Did another player benefit from that play?