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  1. I dropped him right before his run.Yu is a lesson for all of us to never drop someone with high level stuff that has a track record. He was coming back from injury and it impacted his command but it’s back.
  2. Pretty sure he’s building back up to a full starter level. I’m holding to see how he looks at the end of July.
  3. His control has been back all June. The reason he has still been bad has been command. He’s giving up at least 2 hr a game. Not sure he fixes that.
  4. Take back my last post. Ride the hot hand and see where it takes you. They moved him up today too.
  5. I’d rather invest in mejia who since he’s been back from the minors (where he raked) has hit nearly 300 with a .225 iso. Hes also played almost everyday in a better lineup hitting 6th.
  6. I didn't see a thread for Yadier. Anyone concerned about his performance since returning from injury? Hasn't been hitting the ball hard and striking out more.
  7. Where does everyone rank him ROS. Above Molina and Posey level?
  8. Here’s a game winner. If Tampa bulks McKay, you’ll have a powerful weapon in points leagues. Otherwise you’ll have a great starter.
  9. He was throwing a change up that wasn’t effective. He’s abandon it and is throwing his curve and slider more which are effective. I think you’ll see better results soon.
  10. Swingstrike% is there as well as contact% and velocity. Seems like positive regression is on the horizon.
  11. Yeah I’m in a moderate bench 10 team. I dropped him. I also have Shaw so I had no choice. Picked up DJ LeMatheui
  12. I dropped him. Getting dropped to number 8 in the order was the final straw.
  13. You have to hold. The stuff is there. The command isn’t. Have to hope that it returns with the warmer weather. I’m on board until mid May unless the velocity disappears.