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  1. Should things go sideways....I swooped up Brunson. But dude is a far cry from Luka’s stats.
  2. THE WORLD IS ******** ENDING...pls God no, no no no no. Plsss be ok
  3. Good game tonight. He hit the 29 minute mark. Might be time to add.
  4. Anything is better than 16 mins a game. I hope this continues. I added him in good faith.
  5. Rondo is starting tonight and is currently staring me square in the face on my wire..... Is it time to swoop up again....or is this just one of Luke's inconsistent line ups...
  6. Damn migraine today. He just has not been producing since the porter trade. The minutes are still there though. Playoffs next it drop city?
  7. Yeah it sucked hard. It’s funny cus I was able to pick up Dunn before break. He was dropped by the same owner for Robin Lopez. I guess he really needed the blocks. Happy to have him back and just hoping for a solid finish.
  8. I told myself I would never be a Wall owner again...but took a trade sending me Wall for Dunn and Tobias. This was early in the season before Dunn has played. I know Dunn isn’t part of the big plan in Chicago but I still expect him to have solid value for the rest of the season. Yeah I felt bad for the wizards after hearing Wall is out for such s long time.
  9. Man don’t remind me. Every time I look at the wire my Wall and Dipo staring me in the face. At least States hell be back after break.
  10. I clicked the page and it felt like I opened my eyes for the first time. Everything is so bright, especially running the site on your pc. The column boxes with the players news are too large. You have to scroll so far to read blocks of players news.
  11. Dude yesssssss. I clicked the page on my pc and it was so goddamn bright thought I had oepned my eyes for the first time. All of the texts and column boxes are so large. I hate it. At least it’s still the same on your mobile device.