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  1. Owning Kawhi has been like a pitchfork in my a**
  2. At this point I couldn't give a s---- about the FG% if I can just have the steals/blocks back. Good work tonight Joshy
  3. Everyone says sell high but I need him to balance out the effects of John "Drummond" Wall. It's one thing to be an elite FT shooter but his ability to draw fouls is ridiculous too (although tbf he's getting some soft whistles tonight). Doc please bubble wrap his a-- after the game
  4. When I read the title under the first heading, I was expecting to see some Space Jam sh*t
  5. “Should I drop Josh Richardson for DeAndre Bembry?? WHIR”
  6. Would love it if his willingness to play hard for a contract was the real issue here
  7. How do contracts work? Players are FAs upon expiry? Jrue is undoubtedly the best of the bunch here but I guess you’re getting more guaranteed term with the other guys (??). Plus in extremely deep leagues perhaps roster depth is much more important and that would favour the THJ-Taurean side.